Death Metal Uke Test Take #1

Be afraid.

Okay. This was one of three takes, and happened before leaving the house for Easter. Excuse the truly terrible playing. At least the uke was mostly in tune.

I have a bright yellow Flea ukulele (GCEA tuning) with a K&K Sound Hot Spot pickup. It was plugged into a BOSS ML-2 Metal Core guitar effects pedal and then out through a Soundtech Lightsnake 1/4″ to USB cable. From here it went into Audacity, since Audacity has the easiest recording facilities I’ve found for MacOSX. After that, I applied compression at 2:1 ratio, -12dB threshold and 0.2s attack time.

Also, there were chords involved.

Uncompressed is here. With compression, so you can actually here it, it is here.

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