New Song #14b: Network

New Song: Network
Key: D/Dm, Length: 5:16, Genre: Electronic Dance Protest Music!

When Eric first heard this song, he said:

“So what do you really think about TV, Em?”

Presented for your amusement is a mash-up of electronic dance music and the movie Network. I am channeling my innate hate into music and giving it a hot, hot disco beat. What comes out is total, complete, red-hot awesome! It is so full of awesome that even awesome has awesome. It has awesome piled on awesome. You must take my word for it.

It is very much aimed at today’s culture — Network is every bit as apt today as it was when it first came out in 1976. Perhaps even more so, since we walked down the road Network was parodying. It would work great with a montage of, say, FOX News and the Bush&Dick show.

Listen to it. If you like it, pass it on to your friends.

I also took shots of my work area to demonstrate why putting something like this together takes me weeks. This is my arranging area and my mixing screen. They’re both longer than the screenshot, but it’s a balance between squishing everything in to the shot and seeing things clearly.

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New Song #14a: Network (Oontz Mix)

New Song: Network (Oontz Mix).
Key of D, 157 BPM, Electro House! Disco is in, baby!

Behold the instrumental version of my project for Art Weekend 2007! It’s been through some serious work and I’ve been picking at it for almost two weeks, but now this thing rocks the freaking house. It even rocks through my awful MacBook Pro speakers. It rocks so hard, it even rocks in my socks. Now I have no socks. That’s how much it rocks.

Art Weekend allowed me to have a huge chunk of completely anti-social time to work out a ton of my previous issues and I overcame both some confidence blocks and some technical blocks while I had the quiet. Combined with an excellent pair of new monitoring/mastering headphones, I am full of awesome.

Part B will be a complete remix using a collection of vocal clips. But it is late now, so that is a project for tomorrow.