On Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Raised by Single Mother!
Appointed by George H.W. Bush!

Everything I have skimmed at the Usual Suspects — some which are suspiciously right-leaning even — have said conventional left-of-center judge, qualified, not too rocking of the boat, essentially a one-for-one swap.

What is fascinating me is the GOP response. They really ought to lay low, say (as John McCain did) “Elections have consequences,” and wait for the next one, since there undoubtedly will be a next one. This pick is an electoral minefield and with 59 Democrats in the Senate, she is going to get confirmed.

But will they lay low? Nah. What fun is that?

Unbelievably Busy Weekend

This weekend I got through…

– Vacuuming the house.

– Doing about seven hours of gardening. This included laying down 2 more bags of mulch, building an entire veggie garden (3×3 raised box), planting 36 vincas, 6 calibrochias, 1 overgrown lantana, 36 carrots, 3 cucumbers (which did not survive I don’t think), 2 tomatos, 2 jalapeno peppers, 2 basils, and 2 cilantro plants.

– Teaching myself enough of the basics of knitting to be truly dangerous.

– Knitting with a basic garter stitch, some boucle and some fun fur 4 feet of fuzzy, goofy scarf for Katie. I just can’t sit and watch a movie.

Meanwhile my parents came over and stripped 90% of the baby wallpaper off the walls in Katie’s room and put up chair rail in preparation of turning it from a nursery to a little girl’s room. This is sort of wimpy but the paper had to come down. Sooner or later, the bears and blocks must be upgraded to bright pink dancing fairies. (Sigh)

I am extremely sore.

Ultimate Star Trek

I saw the Star Trek movie last night and it left me full of squee! I can honestly say I loved the movie.

I am really not a huge Star Wars fan, and I never got very deeply into Lord of the Rings, but Trek lives in a special place in my soul. I love Trek on a cosmic nerd level. I have the collection of technical readout books with ship schematics. I have Trek encyclopedias. I used to read terrible little Trek novels.

The new Star Trek movie reminded me strongly of Mark Millar’s run on Ultimate X-Men or Brian Michael Bendis of Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s not Star Trek, it’s Ultimate Star Trek in a Star Trek Ultimates universe where the characters are the same and the soul is the same but the characters have been updated to be more modern and drop an awful lot of accumulated baggage. It feels fresh and awesome while being the same core of Trek goodness.

Thus and therefore, the movie made me deeply happy. Specific shout-outs — I loved Karl Urban’s Leonard McCoy and Zachary Quinto’s Spock and Simon Pegg’s Scotty of which there was not screen time and John Cho’s Sulu. Like alot of people, I would happily watch the Spock and Sulu show with some added Snarky Uhura. Or watch this cast on a weekly Star Trek show. This cast? This is what I want out of a new Star Trek show.

Also, new Chekhov is adorable.

Without giving spoilers, I will say that I totally adored the movie and would love to see it again and I will watch the DVD when it comes out periodically for a Renewal of Purpose. Maybe even back to back with Wrath of Khan.

S7S Review — By Katie Rose!

Yesterday, Katie stole my brand new copy of Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies and flipped through it three times!  She was very interested in the pictures.

She was very happy to see the game has:

– Princesses

– Knights

– Skeletons

– Pirates! Especially pirates.

She was very concerned the game did not have:

– Goblins

She was quite adamant that the game would only work with goblins.  Other than that, she declared it “interesting” and then headed off to play with other things.