Obama’s Peace Prize

I don’t have anything much to add to the Internet Sturm und Drang* about Obama’s surprise Nobel Peace Prize except:

Take that, Moon! Now that Barack Obama has bombed your ass we’re gonna have World Peace! We saw you staring down at us being all moony and shining down and being full once a month and now we’ve gone and taken you out! You think you can take us on? No way! Now we’re united against one great enemy: THE MOON!

You might have the Tycho Monolith that monitors mankind’s progress to the stars but we have Barack Friggin’ Obama!


Peace out.

* I used the term Sturm und Drang in a status meeting today to describe my week and I was roundly mocked. No one gets Goethe references in technical meetings.

Theme and Comments

I finally worked out my personal problems with my wordpress themes and found one I generally liked and was simple enough that I don’t need to maintain it. It also loads quickly and isn’t overburdened with graphics.

I am starting the Great Ponder about doing what all the cool kids are doing — locking down comments on LJ and routing traffic to the wordpress blog. Yes? No? Anyone have any good experiences with that? Bad? Leave comments in both? I certainly won’t stop crossposting.