I am totally fascinated by the NY-23 mess of an election.

The Obama Administration took the Congressman from the NY-23 District (R) to be Secretary of the Army and left the seat open.  The New York Constitution sproing into effect and thus the NY-23 District (R) was forced to hold a special election. The GOP put up a regular GOP candidate (Scozzafava) who was on the county council and the Democrats put up a sacrificial lamb (Owens).  The District had gone Republican since pretty much the founding of the country so the election was put down as “Safe R” and we all moved on with our lives — ie, arguing if Chris Christie in the NJ-GOV race is fat or not.

And then the District got carpetbagged.

Scozzafava turned out to be everything the New New NEW John Birch Society does not want representing anyone in the US Congress: (1) female and (2) possibly having air between her and extreme right-wing views.  When Hoffman (Conservative Party — hates the fags, the blacks, the browns, the wimmins, Barack Obama, taxes and the Government except when the Government is giving him free money) showed up he brought the entire Clown Parade with him.  Now everyone — FOX News, Sarah “Tabloid Queen” Palin, idiots on Facebook, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty — all had something to say about that obscure NY-23rd District.

This guy, Dan Hoffman, isn’t from the NY-23rd District.  In an interview with a local paper, he complained that the questions were not provided before-hand (they were).  He has no idea what the local issues for the district he would be representing are and has admitted to not caring the slightest.  He’s being held up as the great head of a revolt against the “Party Establishment.” (Air quotes, air quotes!)  He’s not: Hoffman is bankrolled by the Establishment far more than Scozzafava ever was.  He is a twinkie: he looks like he has substance but in reality he is made of 100% Twinkie Food Product.

Scozzafava quit on Saturday after being tarred as being not “conservative enough” and endorsed the sacrificial lamb Democrat.  Likeliest that will happen: her supporters will just stay home and not vote because only crazy people vote in off-year special elections anyway, so if your candidate quits, why bother?  So one asks: does the Washington Carpetbagger Crew win or do they lose because people from small, quiet districts don’t like being used and write in Mickey Mouse?  We shall see.

And what the hell does an election in an obscure District in New York State mean?  Why does anyone care?  My guess: success here will shove the Neo-Bircher into even more “purity” purges in other districts in 2010 and push the right wing even more right and leave the last of the moderates out in the cold.  They may have some success in 2010 but it will be overturning Rs with Neo-Birchers, not tossing out Ds with Neo-Birchers. I don’t see too many D-R flops with this tactic.  The D in NY-23 never had the slightest chance to begin with, so there’s no contest here between the R and the D.  It was always the R and the Crazy, and Crazy won.

I am picking up the sticky but undeniable whiff of the Goldwater-Johnson Presidential Race of 1964.  Which, in the end is good for my guy.  I guess.  But I don’t relish living through that.