The Kindle vs. the Exercise Bike

I sometimes joke that I am the world’s most in shape flabby fat person because when I’m not burdened by various illnesses I tend to go work out all the time. I lift weights for a few minutes every morning (7 days a week) and usually hit a big, long aerobic exercise bike 3 times a week. The issue I have had in the past is that I cannot stand to just listen to music and podcasts. While they do something for me when I drive, they are horrible for working out because I just end up watching the clock. I need to block the output display and do something productive with the time. So I read.

Reading on the exercise bike is great if I am in the middle of a very floppy book with a broken spine. Otherwise, it has a few operational challenges.

I gave up reading several books that interested me but couldn’t stay open and moved entirely to easy to hold paperbacks simply for their easy-to-holdness. Since I am a High Minded Literature Nerd ™ who prefers Non-Fiction and Smarmy Literature to paperbacks, this made my life a bit hard because I like my Smarmy Literature and Smarmy Literature tends to be long in 81/2-11 format with stiff spines. Even on an exercise bike.

But now I have a Kindle! I feel like a race-traitor to my certain brand of book-loving nerd-kind but I have a Kindle! It’s flat! It does not have the page-turn-floppiness-closed-on-me problem! I found I had to jack the font resolution up to “eyebleedingly high” but otherwise it is relatively simple to read a Kindle on the exercise bike and punch that “Next Page” button like a crazed weasel when I need to. I can even keep the exercise contraption happy by holding on to the heartbeat sensors.

So, there’s that problem solved by the High Lords of Technology, then. Technology! What problem can it not solve?