Books Available on the Kindle

After spending time flipping through the Kindle store, I have discovered the following authors are NOT on the Kindle:

* Vladimir Nabokov
* Thomas Pynchon
* Hunter S Thompson
* Umberto Eco
* P. D. James
* Sylvia Plath

A few Arturo Perez-Reverte books have appeared but no Club Dumas. How can you not have the Club Dumas? Arturo Perez-Reverte is a wash — lesser known books.

The only Cormac McCarthy book available is the Road.

Yet authors available on the Kindle via the Kindle Store:

* Kurt Vonnegut
* David Foster Wallace
* Neal Stephenson
* Neil Gaiman
* All the Penguin Classics (yay Penguin you rule!)

There’s some very curious and strange gaps in their library. No Nabokov? What? While Amazon’s integrated Kindle Store is a killer app for their reader, it would be nice if it had, you know, books.

I almost sent Amazon one of those weird, stalker, insane emails in all caps about the lack of HST. No Great Shark Hunt? Why are you punishing me so?



I went and updated my theme on my main blog yet again. This time I’ll leave it because it finally has the comments on the bottom of the posts. Who puts comments on the top? It’s terrible. This is, hopefully, better. I’m still fixing it up! It just needs the About section filled in and faboosh.