Truck and a Question Asked

The good news is that the check engine light on my truck works!

The bad news is that the check engine light meant an entire new set of spark plugs plus assorted other things. At least I can very heartily recommend my service center, Starting Gate of Laurel, MD, as being full of awesome. When they fix things it stays fixed. And thank god for cleared off credit cards.

My truck is a 2002 Ford Escape. It has been running well for many years. It decided to get all of its crapping out on me at once.

The Question: It has nothing to do with vehicles. I have been having real issues with a medication side effect which gives me horrendous headaches. I usually take Excedrin Migraine, which seems to mostly work. Does anyone have and decent advice on how to handle really nasty headaches other than hide in dark rooms and whimper sadly?