Apple Tablet

Update: Truck is fixed. It was broken. List of things fixed was long. Crazy. I also read everyone’s responses re: migraines but I haven’t quite figured out what to do yet.

It must be recruiter season. The best I have received this week: “I have one of 35 jobs — want one?” and “I have a 50% travel position with some company somewhere you can interview with immediately.” Employers have suddenly discovered that — OMG — they are being attacked by BAD GUYS and perhaps they should do something about that and if they toss enough money at the problem it will go away.

But Anyway.

I heard this pernicious rumor about an Apple Tricorder Tablet that, according to the Internets, will solve world hunger, cure cancer, and display wicked PDFs. I am in sort of the same boat as Robert Cringely on this device. Yes, I have magazines from the mid-80s in my parents’ basement somewhere with tantalizing glimpses into the future when we shall all have magical tablet-like computers that shall be like notebooks but compute. We’ve dreamt about it for twenty-five years. At least. More if we harken back to Star Trek.

But $1000? Dear God, what does it do? Does it cure me of all my ailments when I lay my hands upon it? Now, don’t get me wrong, I am mightily fond of handing paychecks over to Apple. My house has long been purged of the pernicious menace of Windows and basks in a MacOSX glow (‘cept my netbook, that runs Ubuntu 9.10 which, bizarrely, I adore). Except for the occasional spectacular battery death the MacBooks run without a hitch forever and ever.

I want to get excited about the iSlate. I do. I honestly do. But is it Apple’s answer to the netbook? Is it a great big iPod touch? How is it better than my netbook? How much battery does it have? Because, y’know, we have MSI Wind netbooks with 12 hours of battery life showing up on the market and a cheaper netbook that runs all day with Ubuntu vs. an Apple tablet that is sexy but runs for two hours — it’s a difficult call. TELL ME HOW AWESOME IT IS.

I know this guy? Right? Who works in a chemistry lab all day? Who could get serious use out of a tablet computer. But it has to run scientific applications and not just stuff from the AppStore. That’s the deciding factor.

I am waiting with baited breath.