There’s nothing like DC under the threat of snow. The grocery stores empty out in complete panic if the forecast threatens 2″ on the ground. Hell, it’s impossible to drive if it rains because people freak out their BMWs will get wet. (Hint folks: IT’S A CAR. It goes OUTSIDE.) I joke that the Magic Rain Water from the Sky comes down and drops the collective IQ of the region by 50 points.

But right now we’re under a blizzard warning until Saturday night at 10pm. The weather channel calls it “epic snow totals possible.” (Thanks TWC!) You know where it says “1-2 feet”? That’s on my house. Hell, they even closed the White House and it’s not like Obama has any kind of commute.

We already had one of these. I am so not thrilled. I moved away from the Midwest to avoid these constant snow storms. And if you live in the area, someone posted some good advice here.

  • Well, to be honest, this is an intensely out-of-scope year. If this storm holds up, we’ll beat the record for snow total for a winter, and they’re already talking about more snow on Tuesday and there are mutterings of more snow next weekend. Having been here a solid 14.5 years, it’s a very odd one within that timeline.

    They’re actually talking more like 3 feet now too, incidentally. The NWS has updated the totals to 20″-30″ with locations exceeding 30 inches. Freaking insane.