Droid In Practice

The droid has gone on the road and so far it is overwhelmingly successful:

– Google Maps showed me that traffic was special and stupid in downtown Silver Spring because no one has ever heard of plows or salt. It’s too close to DC for sanity.

– The dock works great and now my droid has a continuous source of power to slurp. It is not intrusive or obnoxious and only took a moment to get used to.

– Pandora radio streams fine without skips or jumps over the 3G in normal/low bit setting with no noticable loss of quality but I am a little nervous about usage stats even though I have an all you can eat/unlimited package. I have a perfectly functional iPod so I will move back so I can listen to Radiohead albums* but having it as an option is nice. Also, the Radiohead Pandora station keeps thinking I want to listen to Beatles songs which is slightly odd.

– Twitter works fine in the dock. I have managed to finagle a twitter display on my droid when it is sitting in the dock.

Overall, the droid continues to perform As Advertised ™. I have not have a crash or a hang. I haven’t had any issues with it at all which surprises me because all Technological Toys ought to suck. I’m not sure what to do with one that doesn’t.

Now, I have had apps hang but I have Advanced TasKiller which just kill -9’s an app and allows me to restart it without any major issues.

* Really, do I listen to anything else?**
** Yes, but my play rates on Radiohead are disgustingly high.

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