Pokemon: Heart of Gold

On the way back from PAX East I beat the mostly mediocre but still playable Galactrix on my Nintendo DS* and suddenly needed a new game. I had a choice:

1. 1 $60 Final Fantasy XIII game for Xbox360
2. 2 $30 Pokemon carts for the DS, one for me and one for KR.

Thus Pokemon made its way into my house again because playing with Katie >> Final Fantasy. With great surprise I sat down with this game and was hooked on it like I was being fed some new kind of synthetic happy drug. I swear, this game pushes all my little happy brain buttons. I can pick it up and play it for hours. It has followed me around the house. I have played it for 40 hours now — that drops the cost/rate of return on my game below a $1 an hour — and I’m still ready to go.

– Want to play an RPG? It’s an RPG!
– Bored of the RPG? Play board games! Mini games! Fish!
– Tired of games and fishing? Breed pokemon! Trade pokemon! Breed them more! OMG MORE POKEMON!  Now go grind those guys up to their evolved forms…

One I got hooked on it I had to get others hooked on it. Now others are hooked on it and the wifi on the game is pretty decent for being a little DS so pokemon whizz through the aether to become bigger and better loved pokemon.

I have collected thus far 54 unique varieties. I hang my head. Honestly, the reviews don’t lie.

Really, we’re not even going to talk about the pokewalker add-on in my pocket because it’s just embarrassing. If you’re looking for a fun new DS game, I have to recommend this one. It’s like Mario Cart. You never get bored.

Beware, though: I have part one of the two-part hint book and that, alone, is 300 pages long. The full hint books cost more than the game! Gamefaqs has a pretty good pokemon section for those who want to go the cheap route.

* A Nintendo DS is the best selling gadget in the world. It is a closed system, requires custom tools to build games, and games must go through a lengthy process before they show up on store shelves. I am just sayin’.

  • The Alien

    Some time ago, I got a Pokemon game. I think it was Ruby or Sapphire…I got one and got someone else I knew the other. I think I heard there’s some kind of online trading available for DS Pokemon games, but it is probably flooded with h4xx0r Pokemon.

    Does this edition of the game have some system by which you might trade online with a specific person you know? Such as me with you?

    I do remember having some fun with the version I had…

  • Yes. You can set up friends codes and trade explicitly with people you know. You do not need to go to the main cattle-call to trade Pokemon. If you get your WiFi set up and generate your unique code and I put it into my DS game, we can both meet in a private room to trade.