Genius Lists on the iPod

I received a replacement iPod classic for my birthday for my stalwart and constant iPod companion. It had been my companion for 3 years but the hard drive was starting to make some suspicious clicking noises once in a while and it was having a hard time syncing for podcasts in the morning. With a […]

Words, Words, Words

“Words, Words, Words.” — Hamlet Act 2, Scene 2 I wanted something else out of Obama’s address yesterday. And I’m not certain what precisely. I felt like he was reciting my blog. All the things I wanted was there: – Hanging the spill around BPs neck like a big, fat, decaying albatross. – Making it […]

Risk and Doing Something

I am beginning to believe in the Onion headline: “Black Man Takes Nation’s Worst Job.” Every pundit — right, left, center, on the moon, whatever — is howling for Obama and the Federal Government to do something about the BP Oil Spill. No one has any suggestions what that “something” is, only “something” must be […]

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