A required iPad app

A quick interlude:

If you have an iPad, you will want to go to the store and download the new, free TED talk app. It’s an interface to the TED website ( www.ted.com ) but much more comfortable to view. TED talks are about really cool things given by really cool people. Want to learn something cool about science or tech or art in 20 minutes? Watch a TED talk.

My only complaint is the lack of a good search engine to find talks. Hopefully they’ll take feedback – it’s a common complaint – and get one into the app soon.

It shows off your iPad and it’s free. If you have an iPad, you should have the TED app.

  • I’ve been using the iphone app scaled up, and it’s worth noting that on the iphone there are actually several TED apps, since I believe they open it up for folks to make them. I’ve been using an app called “Ted Mobile” which has scaled up just fine, and which has the search function. Not that the ipad app isn’t pretty as heck, but I’ll probably stick with scaling up if I’m working over 3g, since vidio quality is not exactly essential for most of these talks.

    But, yes, totally an app to have. TED is made of win.

    -Rob D.