iPad App Ideas!

Having finished reading Cocoa Programming by Daniel Steinberg and worked through all 27 (!) chapters with the hands-on projects, and now starting to delve heavily into specific topics (UIKit, CoreGraphics, Core Data and the network tools) I feel I have officially leveled up and gained a new feat: ability to craft small applications and possibly, eventually, try to get them through the Apple Doom Process.

I am looking for your ideas! I have some small ideas in mind but, after talking with many people, I know other people have other ideas about apps they would like to see! Now, the first few apps will be small, and free, so I am thinking things that I can wrap my arms around and come up with a plan and get done. Understand the first few apps will be a bit slow getting out the gate while I learn process.

How does one leave me an idea to discuss turning it into an actual piece of code?

1. Leave a comment on my blog.
2. Leave a comment on the blog on Livejournal.
3. Leave a comment for me on facebook.
4. Send me a direct message on twitter. (Name: multiplexer)
5. Email me at edresner@gmail.com.
6. Track me down in person. (GASP)

I will go back and forth about graphics and layout and user interaction — the stuff I don’t very well — and attempt to turn it into a real thing that runs — the stuff I do do well.

So! If you have something in mind or something you are envisioning, this is a head’s up that you should talk to me about your idea and I’ll try to figure out how hard it is and work to get it done!

And again, the first few are free to counterbalance my fumbling around a bit.

  • Please, please, please keep blogging about your process. I’m sure you’ll get flooded with app requests, and I want to see how it goes. I have zero programming skills, but I’m very curious as to how hard it is for you to get up to speed on app development. Best of luck!

    • I’m a little afraid that me posting programming nerd stuff on my blog drives everyone away — unless it is programming and GAMING or programming and KNITTING or programming with GAMING AND KNITTING.

      However! Yes, I will keep blogging about the process. There’s some serious learning going on, too.

  • I had an app idea this morning. I don’t think anyone’s done something like this yet, to my knowledge: a “task pool.”

    It would be a task management app, but rather than a general to-do list or GTD-style task management app, it would focus on those tasks we do over and over again: fix dinner, take out the trash, get gas for the car, etc. You’d have a “pool” of common tasks you’d create, then move then between some sort of active (this is on my to-do list right now) and inactive (I don’t need to do this for a while) status. Further refinement might involve sharing said tasks with other users or assigning them to a list of users maintain in-app.