Planescape: Torment

I upgraded my Parallels install from 4 to 6 and magically games started working in my Windows XP VM on my Mac. So naturally I wandered over to GOG (Good Old Games) and handed over $10 for a copy of Planescape: Torment. My copy has been lost — given away to someone — for the better half of a decade and $10 seemed worth it for a game I remember fondly so I gave them cash, and they torrented it down to my VM and it more or less works.

A few hours into Torment I realized:

– I was playing a 12 year old game and it was better written, better constructed, and more immersive than 90% of the games on the market today. I can spend a half hour in a conversation tree with an NPC and it’s not dull.

– No one makes games like this any more. No one. Period. I’m not sure anyone used to make games like this either. Was Torment just an abherration of nature?

– Planescape was the best setting ever made for a fantasy world and it has not yet been defeated.

– I would happily fork over a subscription fee to play Sigil: the MMO. Factions! Politics! Places to wander and kill things! Random portals to places! An endless War outside the doors! Seriously. Although I would avoid the Sensates as they would be all TS all the time…

– Planescape would be better served by a system not AD&D 2nd Edition. I kept thinking about FATE this weekend — but while the Fate in Dresden works perfect for a Nephilim conversion* I’m not certain it works for something as insane as Planescape. Cortex? PDQ? I’m not sure.

I can completely recommended GOG for their catalog, the ease of use for the service, and being able to run old games in VMs. If you’re hemming and hawing I can say that it’s a pretty good, and cheap, service. And damn, buy Torment, replay it, and ask: why aren’t all the other games like this now a days?

* I am having serious Nephilim thoughts.

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