Nephilim Character Creation — (More) Skills

Note: I am slowly converting Nephilim, an old Chaosium game, over to Dresden Files FATE. I am just flopping all the posts on my blog because I can tag and collect them all later. This stuff is in no particular order. You can buy Nephilim in PDF from DriveThruRPG for ~$17. You should also buy Dresden Files RPG.

Purchasing skills for Nephilim is almost exactly like outlined on page 65 of Dresden Files RPG, under Character Creation.  Skills and their common trappings start on page 120.  Stress Tracks are affected as dictated on page 201 of DFRPG.  A quick overview of DFRPG version Skill Pyramid as used in Nephilim FATE:

– Characters have 35 points to play with after picking Incarnations and Aspects.

– Skills cost:

Superb  – 5 Points

Great  – 4 Points

Good – 3 Points

Fair  – 2 Points

Average – 1 points

– All unpurchased skills default to Mediocre (+0).

– All skills at a level must have at least one skill on all levels below that.  For example: if a Nephilim has a +5 Superb Skill, a Nephilim must then have, at bare minimum, a +4 Great skill, a +3 Good skill, a +2 Fair skill, and a +1 Average skill.

– The Pyramid does not need precise balancing but it must have supporting skills.  A Nephilim can have 1 +5, 2 +4, 3 +3, 4 +2 and 5 +5.  It can also have 5 +3, 6 +2 and 8 +1.  And any other combination that works out to 35 points and satisfies the condition that the Nephilim has more skills on the lower levels than on the higher.  This does lend itself to more average skills and fewer “awesome” skills.

– Throughout a Nephilim’s many Incarnations, it may have a few great and amazing skills but plenty of little day-to-day ones… that may or may not be terribly applicable to the modern day.

For purchasing skills, an example:

During every cycle of Incarnation, when choosing Aspects, write down 3-5 skills.  For example, Bob the Djinn was a Roman Soldier during the Waking of the Fool in Judea 30AD.  Bon learned how to use Weapons to better kill people, he Intimidiated the poor Jews around him in the Levant, and he spent time being Alert to being jumped by locals who weren’t thrilled with Roman rule.  He may have shown off his Might in periods of rage and destruction and punched people with his meaty Djinn fists.  It was great being a Legionnaire — if you were a Djinn.  Bob’s player considers buying Weapons, Intimidating, Alertness and Might for Bob the Djinn.  When he finishes all his Incarnations, he finds he has picked Might and Intimidation several times during his Incarnations.  He decides he is going to build a 35 point pyramid with 3 Great (+4) skills, 3 Good (+3) skills, 3 Fair (+2) skills and 8 Average (+1) skills.  He assigns Might and Intimidation to two of his 3 Great slots and starts to distribute the rest of his skills.

During the same time period, Elijah the Serpent Moon Nephilim was a Jewish Scholar who worked quietly in Jerusalem until all hell broke loose.  He focused mainly on his Sorcery and Wheel of Fortune* Lore and his Jewish Scholarship.  He focused his mind and taught himself to be Disciplined in his research and to push out everything else to focus on the path to Agartha, something private Serpents excel at.  After the coming of the Fool, he, like many others, put himself forward as a False Prophet of the Fool and picked up a bit of snaky Presence – a skill that serves him well later.  After his Incarnations, he finds he uses the same skills over and over so he decides on a less balanced 2 Superb (+5), 2 Great (+4), 2 Good (+3), 3 Fair (+2) and 5 Average (+1) skills.  The Lore will go into one of the Superb slots — Elijah has spent many lives studying magic and its ways — and Scholarship into a Great slot.  Presence goes into one of the Good slots.  He assigns Discipline into a Fair slots.

I am not listing all the skills and their trappings.  If you have interest in the complete DFRPG skill list and the trappings, I urge you to go buy a copy of the Dresden Files RPG.  It’s won 2 Origin Awards, it is up for nearly a gazillion Ennies, and it was written by awesome people.  The link is up top; make with the clicky.

* These are both Trappings of the same skill (Lore) so they are both just considered Lore.