Reverb Gamers 2012 Post #6

Atlas Games is hosting “Reverb Gamers 2012“ with 31 question prompts about gaming and gamers and games.  I’m going to answer all 31 questions for good or for ill.  You can do it, too!  And check out @ReverbGamers on Twitter or Facebook.

REVERB GAMERS 2012, #6: Describe your all-time favorite character to play. What was it about him/her/it that you enjoyed so much?

I lean heavily toward nerdy dps characters — wizards, shamans, deckers, nerdly smart people who use their brains to do massive damage to the enemy through overly-complex plans.  I also create artistic non-combat sort of characters: bards, artists, musicians and the like.  I enjoy taking role-playing games and figuring out the singular most useless and/or goofy and/or idiosyncratic build imaginable and making that character because, why not?  Anyone can win with a mini-maxed out tank (fighter, street samurai, your big one-on-one damage dealer) but it takes work to be effective with a D&D 3rd edition bard all the way up through 20th level — which, to be honest, I never did.

I was never completely satisfied on the answer of the perennial and fundamental question: Could a bard could use Summon Monster IV, summon a whale, and drop it on someone from 100′ up?  Ever had a whale drop on your army?  Because that would rule.  

Favorite character of all time: Ezekiel Moonstartulip (it sounds better in Elvish), Ship’s Engineer and Navigator of the Royal Flush, Half-Elf, Mage, and AD&D 2nd Edition Spelljammer Character.  Wearer of a Fabulous Coat, Snarker of Snarks.  He was completely out of tune with nature.  Zeke once watched FRITZHOLM HAMMERMILL eat 50 pancakes in one sitting!   

Here’s an image of Zeke in attractive LEGO form navigating the Royal Flush through MAGIC. And a mighty battle on the deck with skeletons!

Second favorite character of all time (but only by a single amazing hair): Terry “Teraphim” Jackson, an NPC for my In Nomine game, the Balseraph of the Media, consumed completely by greed and burning need for good shoes, whom I did play a bit on a play-by-post board for a while.  He was the demonic partner of my demonic PC Daimon Lightner, whom I played in Fiat Justitia, run long ago by the lovely Genevieve Cogman. (Daimon comes in at a cool #3, beaten out by Terry because that’s how one rolls when your best friend is a giant serpentine sunglasses-wearing demon.)

Sadly, it looks like the Fiat pages have been lost through time and the dissolution of  

  • ~e

    Azalea, Ofanite of Blandine, ex-Calabite of Beleth

    Just Redeemed, but still a craftsman: a player of double games, and hoping not to be caught by her ex-Mistress any time soon.

    Chephirah, Cherub of Yves

    A nice quiet expert in rare books. Partner in Mayhem to Hitherby, has of late been finding out precisely why people dislike Habbalah. Protector of Angsty Lilims, was sleeping with Mazpatiel.

    Theme Song – “Hallucination” from the soundtrack to Labyrinth
    Diary – Failure

    Daimon, Bright Lilim of Creation, ex-Lilim of Kobal

    The Joker in the pack. Angel-junkie and covered in angst. Trying to work out precisely why the Archangel of Judgement let her live. Devoted to her Boss, and horrified to discover that Asmodeus has just arrested her Boss. Currently in service to Dominic. Just Redeemed by Eli while stoned, during a guitar jamming session. Expert in Guilt.

    Theme Song – “The Man’s Too Strong” by Dire Straits
    Some Random Musings
    Broken – A Poem

    Edward, Malakite of Gabriel

    Eduardo, city cop, often exchanges information with Mazpatiel. Enjoys smiting Calabim. Just got his beloved Fiery Sword back from Gabriel, and is looking forward to using it.

    Theme Song – “Headhunter v1.0” by Front 242

    Hitherby, Kyriotate of Jordi

    It likes dragonflies. Also mosquitoes. Recently summoned Jordi, and managed to get away with it. Dislikes Shedim. Proud upholder of animal values and teller of Tales.

    Theme Song – “Mother” by Tori Amos
    Story: The Evil King
    Story: Her Name
    Story: The Great Detective
    Hitherby’s Diary

    Hubert, Seraph of Michael

    One of those older, grizzled city detectives.

    Jozadak, Cherub of Michael

    New kid on the block, just down from Heaven and carrying a shotgun.

    Mazpatiel, Elohite of Dominic

    Pat, private detective, often exchanges information with Edward. Recently listened too closely to a Balseraph of the Game who got lucky with a 666. Also prone to give his cellphone to Kobalites at the wrong moment. Recently managed to attract Andrealphus’ personal attention, and hopes not to do so again. Was sleeping with Chephirah. Now working in Heaven.

    Theme Song – “Room 429” by Cop Shoot Cop
    A Portrait of an Elohite, Reflective

    A Sour Note

    Phineas, Mercurian of Michael

    Negotiator who’s been in Heaven for a while, and is looking forward to enjoying an Earthside job again. Handy with an axe.

    Sephar, Kyriotate of Jean

    There’s nothing like modern technology. Also fond of white rats. Inspiring delver into computer files and raider of Game-information. Always parallel processes.

    Theme Song – “Teknojihad” by Psykosonik

    Shannen, Mercurian of Novalis

    Owns a coffee-shop and knows how to use it. Kind-hearted, loving, gentle, she’s going to have a heck of a job keeping this lot peaceful.

    Theme Song – “Return to Innoncence” by Enigma

    Taroniel, Malakite of Eli in service to Blandine

    Previously a Servitor of Uriel before the Purity Crusade, transferred to Eli after Uriel’s leaving, taken into service by Blandine after Eli’s disappearance. A guardian of the dreams of authors of children’s books. Takes his coffee black and his humour mild.

    Zebina, Ofanite of Marc

    Kiwi Zeb, private charter pilot. Busy wheeling and dealing with Daimon in all sorts of ways. Briefly owned information worth more than a million dollars. It’s nice to be expensive.

    Notable Non-Player Characters


    Aholibamah, Mercurian of Novalis, in the Glade
    Anselm, Cherub of Marc
    Ardon, Seraph of Michael, Seneschal of the United States Marine Corps War Memorial
    Aucune, Cherub of Blandine, assistant to Phaleris at the Washington Monument Tether
    Carlos, Cherub of Jean
    Chabriel, Cherub of David, warder of a Heartroom
    Chilmad, Cherub of Laurence, Seneschal of Fort Blair, ex-Kobalite
    Christopher, Cherub of David, Angel of Children
    Damasci, Malakite of Laurence
    Doxas, Mercurian of Michael, Angel of Glory
    Efkai, Cherub of Dominic, in the Tribunal
    Esthan, Mercurian of Marc, Seneschal of the SEC
    Estinore, Seraph of Marc, secretary to Marc
    Etecius, Seraph of Dominic, Seneschal of the Supreme Court
    Faber, Malakite of Eli, acquaintance of Caliah (played by Sephar)
    Galalidan, Ofanite of Dominic (played by arcangel)
    Ithuriel, Seraph of Jean, Seneschal of the Air and Space Museum
    Izboniah, Elohite of Yves, Seneschal of the Library of Congress
    Jada-dan, Elohite of Dominic, member of visiting Triad
    Jordan, Seraph of Dominic, member of visititing Triad (played by arcangel)
    Karellin, Mercurian of Novalis, ex-Impudite of Malphas, ex-subject from “Heaven”
    Maasai, Cherub of Dominic, member of visiting Triad (played by arcangel)
    Marath, Malakite of Eli, Seneschal of Sistine’s
    Melchior, Mercurian of Eli
    Phaleris, Seraph of Blandine, Seneschal of the Washington Monument
    Rigziel, Seraph of Michael
    Saffron, Mercurian of Dominic, a secretary to Dominic
    Sariel, Cherub of David, Seneschal of the Octagon House
    Stephan, Cherub of Judgement, on the staff at the Supreme Court
    Stephanie, Bright Lilim of Yves, at the British Library in London
    Terethel, Mercurian of David
    Timotheus, Cherub of Dominic, guard at the Council Spires
    Usha, Seraph, ex-Balseraph of Haagenti, ex-subject from “Heaven”
    Vheher, Reliever of Yves
    Vingilis, Elohite of Gabriel
    Xanthe, Cherub of Novalis, handler of her appointments
    Zawenta, Seraph of Jean, one of his secretaries


    Ahinadab, Lilim of Andrealphus
    “Armand Fortescue”, Balseraph of Beleth, demonic name unknown
    Ashamael, Shedite of Kobal, Renegade – now dead
    Ashley, Lilim, most recent employer unknown
    Belmanoir, Impudite of Beleth, Seneschal of Bellmans
    Betharan, Lilim of Asmodeus
    Caliah (Cecilia), Habbalite of Baal, ex-Elohite of Michael
    Elymius, Habbalite of Kobal
    Focalor, Balseraph of Asmodeus
    Incarnadine, Calabite of Belial, chief servant of Persona in “Heaven”
    Ishi, Djinn of Nybbas, minion of Teraphim
    Itrisal, Calabite of Andrealphus, bouncer at Red Silks in Shal-Mari
    James, Djinn of Andrealphus, employed at local Lust-Tether
    Jehazi, Servitor of Vapula, Band unknown
    Kanah (aka K.K.), Lilim of Kobal (played by arcangel)
    Keros (Jack Keros), Impudite of Kobal
    Kuraz, Djinn of Kobal
    Kushiel, Calabite of Asmodeus
    Larry, Impudite of the Media, friend of Teraphim and Daimon
    Lucrezio, Habbalite of Kobal, Renegade
    Malik, Lilim (not currently employed)
    Naamah, Lilim of Asmodeus
    Persona, Balseraph of Kronos, in charge of “Heaven”
    Roshie, Djinn of Andrealphus, in service to Lilith, assistant to Senir at Statue of Freedom Tether
    Rozi, “Malakite” in “Heaven”, killed
    Senir, Lilim of Lilith, Seneschal of the Statue of Freedom Tether
    Shemyaza, Habbalite of Andrealphus, Seneschal of local Lust-Tether
    Tebah, Djinn of Asmodeus
    Teraphim (Terry Jackson), Balseraph of the Media, The Entity From The Media
    Verthurel (Virginia), Impudite of Kronos
    Ysari, Djinn of Andrealphus, working on the Strip in Shal-Mari
    Zaza, Balseraph of Andrealphus


    Anastasia Kamilsky, Bank Manager at the Sloan (Daimon’s bank)
    Avril Duquesne, owner of an apartment, listens to her crystals
    Benni, Receptionist at the Media Tether
    Bethany, Receptionist in white latex basque at the Lust-Tether
    Becca Moritz, Human, Soldier of Jean, Information Analyst
    Gavin Julianson, Remnant Seraph of Yves, Opera Violinist
    Harold Seth, Human in Washington DC with a dark Fate
    Janie, Make-up Artist at the Media Tether
    Josiah Stenforth, Human, Soldier of Dominic at the Old Bailey Tether in London
    Julia Morio, innocent maid to Miguelo Sancuzzi
    Lukos Sancuzzi, Mafia padrone, elderly man on a search for immortality
    Mad Dog, hit-man for the Mafia, believed employed by Sancuzzi
    Miguelo Sancuzzi, low-grade Mafia member
    Nick, dubious donut-seller and vendor of shady information
    The Queen Of Air And Darkness, Unseelie Ethereal from the Far Marches
    Sherri, Receptionist at the Media Tether
    Smithson, bartender at the Peacock and vendor of shady information
    Tania Sheridan, Human, Opera Chorus Member
    William Sivers, Human, Soldier of Jordi