Reverb Gamers 2012 Post #8

Atlas Games is hosting “Reverb Gamers 2012“ with 31 question prompts about gaming and gamers and games.  I’m going to answer all 31 questions for good or for ill.  You can do it, too!  And check out @ReverbGamers on Twitter or Facebook.

REVERB GAMERS 2012, #8: What’s the one gaming accessory (lucky dice, soundtrack, etc.) you just can’t do without? Why?

Two objects must come to the gaming table: the iPad and post-it notes.  

Post-it notes come from Rob, from whom I’ve seen it in action.  It’s a pretty simple system: during a session, when a player or the GM invokes a noun (person, place or thing), the noun goes on the post-it and the post-it sticks to the table.  As the players reveal new information or arbitrary attach new information to the noun, the post-it note gets a note with the update — a new Aspect, a note about a relationship, dice, some fact, etc.  Everyone sitting at the table can see what nouns are in play without having to remember them or make frantic notes.  When players use up the noun or it becomes irrelevant, the GM pulls the post-it and throws it away, or hands it to a player.    It’s a great system.

The iPad has on it:

– Goodreader for gaming book PDFs

– Note software like Penultimate or Note Taker HD

– Various dice rollers

– iKeepScore, a fantastic die rolling/game score keeping app

We use iKeepScore for a bunch of board and card games.  It can sit in the center of the table and everyone can reach forward to update their scores as they take turns.  It’s great.

There you go.  Two items I could not live without: post-its and iPads.  It’s gaming…. in the future.