Emily Dresner is a bit of a unicorn — a woman in technology and a woman who like write and write about games (tabletop and RPG). And! occasionally play them.

She has written for Steve Jackson Games, White Wolf, Big Eyes Small Mouth, and an assortment of smaller presses and for friends. She also worked in AAA video games on the Elder Scrolls Online. Right now her favorite game systems are FATE, Dungeon World, D&D 5e, and GUMSHOE and she’s playing a ton of the Pathfinder Card Game. She’s a huge Cthulhu and horror fan.

She spends most of her time reading history and economics, knitting, gardening, writing, board gaming, playing video games and hanging around with her family and tiny, derpy dog. Most of the posts on this here blog are about these same subjects.

She lives in Laurel, MD where it’s mediocre all the time. She can be found on twitter, facebook (invite only tho), google plus, and linkedin — usually as multiplexer.

For discussion on languages, cloud, cloud architecture, project management, agile, and those sorts of topics, you can hop on over to Big Data Little Geek where the technology subject is well quarantined to its own space so it will not leak everywhere all over space time.

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