Fuzzy Hat Goodness

I finished my first project. It is the same very simple hat pattern I made with my first test hat, but instead I used the Lion Brand Midnight Mohair (Rain Forest) yarn. I learned quickly that the mohair is sort of an intermediate-level yarn and I messed up the start, snipped it off, and started […]

Bed and Yarn

We bought a new bed. It’s not a spectacular bed or anything, it’s just a bed. But we bought a bed frame, and that is a big deal because we’ve never had an actual bed frame before. Now we can do theoretical things like read in bed. We’re not used to the whole concept of […]

General Life Update

1. On the LJ Kerfluffle: Nothing on the net lasts forever. We’re often lucky if it lasts a handful of years. Livejournal has been in slow decline for years now, ever since it was bought by Six Apart. It will eventually be gone and there are newer, sexier services on the block called things like […]

2009 Resolutions!

I didn’t do New Year’s Resolutions last year, and that did not turn out as well as planned.  The only thing I really accomplished was getting my CISSP, and then worked drowned me and health really drowned me and I was so uninterested in doing anything else that I basically only read security literature and […]

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