Awesome Guitar Software is Awesome

I have two — two! — pieces of awesome software to showcase today for the iPad. Perhaps you thought the iPad was only good for watching Netflix streaming but now it is made of rock. TabToolKit by Agile Partners At first blush you may be all “buh?” But let me tell you the greatness of […]

The End of Innovation?

I freely admit this post is a “Someone is WRONG on the INTERNET” reaction but it has gotten under my skin as the meme jumped from blog posts to podcasts and yesterday, I briefly saw it mentioned on a website of actual yea olde Main Stream Media. The meme, started on the original Cory Doctorow […]

Happy Ignore the Internet Day!

Like everyone else, the Internet ruined April Fool’s Day for me somewhere around 2002. Cute jokes still pop up every years — I particularly like XKCD’s new and improved interface for the Internet and the rescripting of Dinosaur Comics. Good ol’ Slashdot has a running list of links to the better jokes out there today. […]


For Christmas I bought a Yamaha Clavinova CLP digital piano from Jordan Kitt’s Music in College Park, MD. It is not the sexiest digital piano ever conceived but it has 88 gravity-weighted touch-sensitive keys, an excellent fully sampled grand piano sound and, most importantly, a headphone jack for silent playing. And while it doesn’t hold […]

Snowmageddon 3: The REVENGE

My only hope is that the third movie in a series is never very good, so maybe Snowmageddon 3: the REVENGE will be nothing.  But the predictions have gone from “a dusting” to “2-4 inches” to “4-8 inches” to “10-20 inches” to basic flat-out panic this morning on WAMU. FOX Baltimore is running around the […]

The Snow Canyon and Snowmageddon 3: The Revenge

This is a not-terrible shot down the private drive my house and two others sit on. The Howard County Plow Guy ™ was kind enough to plow down our private drive even though it’s technically not his job to do so. He took pity on us. Otherwise we would be burrowing out like gophers through […]

“The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music”

I found this book today. The website is very plain and the information is a bit obtuse, but it is a complete 337 page book on everything you ever wanted to know about sound design and sound synthesis, although it is extremely EE/Math oriented: The Theory and Technique of Electric Music by Miller Puckette. If […]

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