Review: The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis My rating: 5 of 5 stars I am of two minds about this book. Either: * Everyone in the world should read this book … or … * No one should /ever/ read this book. When The Big Short first came out, I heard about […]

Follow the Arab World Protests

Egypt is melting down and it is an exceedingly big deal. The causes are complex, the people are angry, and as the Arab world’s most populous nation, it is a major strategic US and Israel ally. Not only that but somehow the entire country fell off the Online Map this morning — a fairly breathtaking […]

My Response to the Response to the Response to the SOTU

Anyone these days can have their official response to the SOTU speech. This isn’t so much a response as what I wish Obama would have said. SCENE: Obama comes out and shakes hands with the Notorious Aisle Whores. He waves to the C-SPAN camera because it is the only love C-SPAN will get until the […]

An Ugly Intersection

One of the questions I have seen bantered back and forth through the vitriol on the Internet is: “If Jared Lee Loughner was obviously schizophrenic and full of disorganized and confused thought, as many people who interacted with him reported, why did he not get help?” Some thoughts on why: 1. Schizophrenia appears in young […]


Years ago, Terry Gilliam made an excellent and understated movie called “The Fisher King” starring Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams. Jeff Bridges starts the movie off as an incredibly popular “shock jock” who specializes in making shocking statements to rile up his audience — popular in the 90s, popular now. A disturbed young man calls […]


After the final repeal vote for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Senator Burr of North Carolina (R-NC) released an interesting statement. No, he did not personally support repealing DADT but he voted for the repeal anyway because his world was no longer this world. He’s an 80 year old man legislating on the morality of 20-somethings, […]

Extending the Bush Tax Cuts and Obama’s Deal

Here’s how a tax cut for those making piles and piles and piles of dough works for those of us who do not, due to various circumstances and life choices, make piles and piles of dough: Step 1: Take out a shiny new Chinese Co credit card with an introductory low low teaser rate and […]

On Wikileaks

I am torn on the latest dump from Wikileaks. On the one hand, the United States needs to be able to conduct its dealings on a world stage with the security standbys of “integrity, confidentiality and availability.” Diplomats need to be able to prove they are who they are, have confidential communications with other parties, […]

On the TSA

Security conferences are a little microcosms of the security industry mindset.  Everyone herds excitedly to the talks with the new, big, lurid hacks because offense is super sexy.  We all ooh and aah as someone with a Powerpoint deck demonstrates some explosive breach of known security.  Then the talk is over and immediately we’re herded […]

Thanks For Paying Taxes. Here’s A Receipt.

Over on Planet Money: Thanks For Paying Taxes. Here’s A Receipt. : Planet Money : NPR. I have been saying this for years.  People pay their Federal Taxes and it feels like it goes into a black hole.  Hell, me too.  One of the reasons I am going to vote to re-up all my County […]

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