Warning: Politics and Football Metaphors Ahead

Watching the brand shiny new Obama White House is like watching Michigan Football before it started to Drastically Suck beyond All Comprehension: two fruitless runs up the middle and then OH hand off to the half-back in the back field. Two fruitless runs up the middle and then OH we decide to pass and hey […]

Obama: Snowy Washington Needs ‘Chicago Toughness’

Barack Obama discovers that Washington DC is not, in fact, in the Midwest: Obama: Snowy Washington Needs ‘Chicago Toughness’ – washingtonpost.com. “We’re going to have to apply some flinty Chicago toughness to this town,” Obama said this morning. “I’m saying that when it comes to the weather, folks in Washington don’t seem to be able […]

Layoffs Financed by You and Me

This is a brilliant post from yet another happily sarcastic economist: EconBlog Review: Pfizer Buys Wyeth: Layoffs Financed by You and Me. Follow with joy how AFM turned into Wyeth because drug margins are so much better than pots and pans margins.  How TARP money went to financing this merger, how Pfizer will lay off […]

Whitehouse.gov and other stories

whitehouse.gov went off the air at around 11:45am this morning and came back up at noon. Other than now it has blogs, twitter feeds, RSS feeds, hosting for videos, and eventually the forums from change.gov. (I have already requested my username for the forums so I can complain about technology issues.) But the big thing […]

Obama vs. George Bush’s Computers

I read this morning on Politico (sorry, I misplaced the link) that the Obama staffers have been informed that they are no longer allowed to use IM.  Obama himself won his fight of Treasury Department vs. Blackberry (although they are making him move to one of the Blackberries approved by the NSA and armored for […]

The Failed Bailout

I am attempting to figure out, and failing, what the Senate Republicans got out of blocking the $14B bailout for the Big 3 from coming to the Senate floor. It was okay to hand over $700 billion to financial institutions and AIG with no strings attached so, say, completely worthless institutions that should die and […]

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