Genius Lists on the iPod

I received a replacement iPod classic for my birthday for my stalwart and constant iPod companion. It had been my companion for 3 years but the hard drive was starting to make some suspicious clicking noises once in a while and it was having a hard time syncing for podcasts in the morning. With a […]

Music Recommendations!

Perhaps you are lying there thinking, “Gee, I enjoy Sigur Ros, especially agaetis byrjun,  but I want that Sigur Ros sound with a more prog-rock edge and less Hopelandish.” If you are that person I offer to you a band called Mogwai from Glasgow and their extremely excellent album, Mr. Beast. Guitar, Bass, Drum, Piano and […]

New Song #14b: Network

New Song: Network Key: D/Dm, Length: 5:16, Genre: Electronic Dance Protest Music! When Eric first heard this song, he said: “So what do you really think about TV, Em?” Presented for your amusement is a mash-up of electronic dance music and the movie Network. I am channeling my innate hate into music and giving it […]

New Song #14a: Network (Oontz Mix)

New Song: Network (Oontz Mix). Key of D, 157 BPM, Electro House! Disco is in, baby! Behold the instrumental version of my project for Art Weekend 2007! It’s been through some serious work and I’ve been picking at it for almost two weeks, but now this thing rocks the freaking house. It even rocks through […]

New Song #13: Bright Lights

New Song: Bright Lights (Instrumental) Key of E, 120 BPM, Laid Back Electronic Dance Bright Lights is a peppy little dance tune in the key of E. It’s a pretty accidental track and more a product of perfecting workflow than anything else. It’s also the first one that actually starts to sound polished and professional. […]

New Song #12: Saltarello (Heavy Mix)

It is that time again! Time to unleash another tune upon the world! Behold and tremble! Behold the unholy mash-up of a perfectly good, happy, and danceable Medieval tune and Heavy Metal! RenFest meets hair metal! Make with the clicky clicky and listen to Saltarello (Heavy Mix)! It has been market tested on precisely one […]

New Song #10: Sci Fi Pornography (Remix)

This isn’t technically a new song. It’s a remix of a song I wrote earlier, but now I’m using professional calibre tools and sometimes a tool does make a difference. Also, I know what I’m doing and how to do it. I remixed Sci Fi Pornography into Sci Fi Pornography (Remix). Gone are earlier problems: […]

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