Kindle FTW

People who have been within a 20′ radius of me know that I have been reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, an extremely strange post-modern 1200 page book. I will write a review and some thoughts on the book when I have more time (and boy do I have thoughts on said book which rivals […]

Notes and Sundries

1. I have no idea if LJ has fixed their interface for cross-posting yet. It was broken as of last week. 2. Eric corrected me: you can still buy a regular hard-drive click-wheel iPod. They are available on the Apple site. 3. We did more experiments with the iPad and found, with a MiFi, it […]

The End of Innovation?

I freely admit this post is a “Someone is WRONG on the INTERNET” reaction but it has gotten under my skin as the meme jumped from blog posts to podcasts and yesterday, I briefly saw it mentioned on a website of actual yea olde Main Stream Media. The meme, started on the original Cory Doctorow […]

Ars Technica reviews the iPad

I meant to talk about where I think we’ve been and where I think technology is going and where the innovation really is but I got hammered today so it has to wait until this evening.  But meanwhile, I give you the extremely (and great) in-depth review of the iPad from Ars Technica: The iPad […]

On the iPad

I wanted to buy an iPad for Eric’s birthday but he had a high water mark: if Papers, essentially iTunes for research paper and article management, came out with an iPad reader application, Eric would want an iPad (very badly). He has the iPod client and while it works, it is difficult to read papers […]

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