Boardwalk Empire

HBO’s new series Boardwalk Empire started yesterday. HBO needs a new, solid crime series. In the hey day of HBO we had Sopranos AND Six Feet Under AND Deadwood AND Rome AND Carnival… when Sopranos and Six Feet Under wrapped, HBO was left with this void. Rome, while wonderful, had but two seasons. Deadwood three. […]

2010 Emmy Nominations

A couple of quick notes on the 2010 Emmy Nominations: 1. Yay for Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory! 2. Eric will be happy that his new true love, Adventure Time, was nominated for outstanding short-format animated program. Adventure Time scares and confuses me. 3. Is it just me or is […]

Goodbye, Treme

Having done a multi-year highly scientific study, Eric figures I can only keep track of two hour-long TV shows at a time. After that I wander off. For several years, I filled this with some high-quality TV — the Sopranos, Battlestar Galactica, various HBO Sunday Night dramas. I haven’t had anything since the end of […]

Winter Olympics

I got completely hooked on the Winter Olympics in Vancouver over the weekend. I owe this to NBC’s confusing but highly comprehensive site full of video replays and live streaming. Normally I get frustrated with the coverage — too many sob stories and too few events, too much if a USA focus, not enough death […]

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