On the Great Divination Wizards Guild and the Black Chamber

Guilds are urban creatures.  They cannot survive without cities.  They are parasites on the fantasy body politic, reaching their spider-like legs into the deepest recesses of civic culture.  Although membership is nominally voluntary everyone in town belongs to a guild: the doctors, the barbers, the bakers, the carters, the shoemakers and even the wizards. Especially […]

Review: Miskatonic School for Girls

We picked up Miskatonic School for Girls at PAX East 2012 and we’ve since sat down and played several hands of the two-player variant of the game.  Here’s my specific feedback in Exciting Bullet Point Form. – The packaging and game pieces are professionally done.  Nothing about this game feels cheap due to being kickstarted. […]

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game

While I’m not a big fan of the Leverage TV show, I am a fan of the Leverage RPG and the unfathomable malleability of the Cortex Plus system.  In the hands of a mad post-it note-er, the game is a fast, wild ride through the rampaging dark caverns of a gamer’s id.   Yeah, it’s a damn fine game. […]

Nephilim – Secret Society: The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar are the guys with the Plan.   They are the guys, to put a fine point on it, with the Grand Plan.  The Grand Plan has a large number of wiggly bits to it but in essence it looks like: – Steal all the occult knowledge in the world; – Kill all […]

CMS Updates and Adds

I added ~15 pages to the Nephilim FATE Conversion CMS on the site.  Most of these are cut and paste jobs although some are cut-and-paste-2-or-more-together jobs.  I’m pondering one of those fancy edit-right-in-the-page buttons for when I come through and clean things up.  All the links in the main index page and in the table of […]

Bookhounds of Nephilim

This an example of a full Nephilim campaign. Out on the edge of town a small band of strange people run an eclectic bookstore.  They show up to all the estate sales and pick over the booksellers searching for choice and rare books, the more occult-like the better.  One or two of them are auction […]

The Nephilim Job

There you are, all popped out of your stasis, in your spiffy new body, in some city newer than your last incarnation, living out some insane science fiction dream.  One minute you were being skewered by Templars in the late 15th century and next thing you know, you’re standing on the streets of New York […]

Nephilim FATE – Now What?

After the lengthy buildup of system, the end chapters of the original Nephilim sourcebook doesn’t provide hints on what to do with the system.  It offers a hodge-podge of secret societies, a bunch of colorless Nephilim NPCs and an unconnected bestiary.  It’s a headscratcher.  A cool magic system and a neat incarnation system dripping with […]

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