It’s About the CDOs

Pension plan management is traditionally a very dull job.  A huge group of people in a big corporation or a union contribute a chunk of their* monthly paychecks into the collected pension fund where a normally 3rd party company manages the contributes and tries to make them grow more than the rate of current inflation […]

So You Think You Want a Revolution?

Now we are edging to the world of meta: Anderson Cooper Just Got Beat Up By Pro-Mubarak Thugs in Cairo. CNN’s Anderson Cooper and his camera crew were attacked and repeatedly punched by pro-government forces near Tahrir Square in Cairo today. “My team were set upon by the crowd,” Cooper said on CNN this morning […]

The Discovery Channel Building

I went to the gym today.  I was feeling particularly virtuous because it meant I went to the gym multiple times this week.  I even managed to keep my heart rate “in the zone” (below 140) for the majority of the time on the cross-trainer and it left me feeling a bit sore in places […]

Links on the Prop 8 Decision

Nate Silver has some analysis on Ted Olsen and the conservative dynamics as this goes up to the Supreme Court (which it will). Dahlia Lithwick on Slate calls it a brilliant decision. Interesting commentary from Orin Kerr (and others) over on the Volokh Conspiracy here and here and here and here. Some facts from the […]

Risk and Doing Something

I am beginning to believe in the Onion headline: “Black Man Takes Nation’s Worst Job.” Every pundit — right, left, center, on the moon, whatever — is howling for Obama and the Federal Government to do something about the BP Oil Spill. No one has any suggestions what that “something” is, only “something” must be […]

Deepwater Oil Slick

For those not following the story: a huge off-shore deepwater oil drilling rig owned by Transocean and contracted to BP called “Deepwater Horizon” exploded on April 22th. Initially they claimed the disaster was contained but it turns out the rig is spewing oil underwater. According to the White House report (released this morning), 1178 people […]

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