Corporate Chutes and Ladders

Found on Andrew Sullivan’s Blog over on the Atlantic: It starts with this Lovely Misogynistic Rant from Jack Welch about how there is no such thing as a “work-life balance” and mostly full of how women are stupid. (Hidden under a paywall for the most part but Andrew Sullivan quotes the good parts.) Sullivan posts […]

Less a Movement and More an Industry

“This helps explain the broader problem with American conservatism right now. It is less a movement than an industry. From Fox News to talk radio to conservative publishing houses, it has created an alternate and lucrative media reality that is worth a fortune to those able to exploit it.” I totally and completely agree with […]

The Revolution Will Be Twittered

It’s funny, watching a stodgy old regime lose power. The more power they lose, the more hard-line the regime in power becomes. The further they are willing to go. The more atrocities they are willing to commit. But, like Gordon Brown said this morning in response to the Supreme Leader’s sermon blaming the Iranian problems […]

On Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Hispanic! Woman! Poverty! Projects! Raised by Single Mother! Appointed by George H.W. Bush! Everything I have skimmed at the Usual Suspects — some which are suspiciously right-leaning even — have said conventional left-of-center judge, qualified, not too rocking of the boat, essentially a one-for-one swap. What is fascinating me is the GOP response. They really […]

Moving Goal Posts

Because I am a junky, I have been watching this “Arlen Spector Defects to the Democrats” thing. I think it’s interesting, not because I think he’ll ever vote differently than he has in the past, but because he stayed still politically but the goalposts of where the Republicans end and the Democrats begin moved. Parties […]

Anyone Have a Primer on Protesting?

It’s been so long since the Conservatives in this country have really gotten up a good protest that they’ve gotten out of practice. I want to be 100% clear: * You named your protest Tea Bagging without putting it into, say, google, just to check. * Your protested what you felt was about wasteful spending […]

Warning: Politics and Football Metaphors Ahead

Watching the brand shiny new Obama White House is like watching Michigan Football before it started to Drastically Suck beyond All Comprehension: two fruitless runs up the middle and then OH hand off to the half-back in the back field. Two fruitless runs up the middle and then OH we decide to pass and hey […]

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