What the Hell?

I missed this new development over the weekend. Islam is not a religion and thus isn’t covered by Constitutional First Amendment protections? That must come as one hell of a surprise to the 1.5 billion adherents worldwide. When did this one start? Did I miss a memo? It says “Congress shall make no law respecting […]

Today in Head Explody Logic

This article in Psychology Today is a reprinted letter in response to an earlier article on bonobo behavior in the wild from a Baptist pastor. To sum up: 1. Bonobos are animals. However 2. Bonobos have been observed extensively in engaging in war and homosexuality. However 3. War and homosexuality are a sin. However 4. […]

The Catholic Church Scandals

I am having difficulty wrapping my head around the current round of extremely nasty scandals coming out of Catholic Diocese in the US and Europe. The bullet point approach works for me so here it goes in no particular order: – Neither all priests, nor most priests, nor many priests are anything more than extremely […]

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