I wrote this in two whole hours! It has two hours worth of good! HA!

This is a little goofy glob of techno dance music. I find I honestly like Apple Logic and I want to go drilling around in it to find out all the strange and wonderful things it can do. It’s a bit like a great big UNIX server. It’s very powerful but only priests and the initiated can make it go.

The only way I learn anything is by making things. So I made something! This is all MIDI and sample loops. It has the creativity of a sunday morning cartoon. It has no ending. But it’s bouncy! And happy! And it sounds good on the Bose down here in the living room! (Yay airport express!)

Song here: Peppy Beatz!

Name: “Peppy Beatz”
Genre: Electronic Dance
Key: C (I think)
BPM: 137bpm
Running Time: 2:41
Tools Used: Apple Logic 7.2, complete Friday night brainfry.