I’ve been stuck in the house now for six days and I’m going more than a little stir crazy.  Eric has ventured out hoping the grocery stores have restocked.  We know they’re on a weekly schedule and early Monday is when the deliveries show up.  Also hoping people are too busy with work to run to the grocery store at 9am on a Monday.

There’s no need to hoard water or toilet paper.  The world isn’t running out of either of these.  The water and sewer systems won’t turn off. Yet here we are at the end of the world.  A toilet paperless apocalypse.

One of the smoke alarms upstairs outside the office has a bad battery and it chirps every 20 minutes.  Eventually, it will become my whole universe.

Also, the stock market dropped like a stone and the circuit breakers went off again.  People are panic selling the same way they’re panic buying toilet paper. I don’t dare look at my little managed investment account, although I’m sure they’ve panic-moved all the funds to bonds by now to conserve some capital in those accounts.

The world doesn’t need a fiscal stimulus.  A fiscal stimulus is when everything is on rails and the government needs to spend to force hiring and get things moving again.  What the world needs is cash.  We’re not in a spending slump.  We’re in a cannot physically spend money and things are closed slump.  When we all come out of this, the infrastructure of the modern economy will exist but no one will be able to use it because they won’t have any money.  And that, my friends, is what is going to crush everything.

Speaking of money — work is the bad thing.  Having everyone work remote has been fine — no obvious issues except for the occasional hiccup of someone wanting to get into the VPN and DNS failing on them.  Otherwise, projects sort of lumber on ahead as if nothing is wrong.  But there’s a psychic bit of nasty ennui with work.  Friday it was fine — good moods, wanting to press on, etc.  Monday it’s like… what are we doing here.  Maybe it will pass but I don’t think so.

Maybe it’s just me.

Except for the apocalypse, it’s a nice day outside and if I wasn’t chained to a desk I would go outside and dig for a while.  I’m not sure I’m going to sink the $$$ I usually do in gardening this year, though, but I need new tents.

My secret backchannel spies tell me with certainty that COVID-19 testing should start ramping today but you know what, I’m not holding my breath.  The only way for the crazy to stop is for testing to start.  God knows there’s no leadership from the top.  I can’t believe people still support the orange chaos monkey.

I skipped the Biden-Bernie debate last night.  I didn’t see much point.  I agree with 538.  It’s time to move on to the next stage of things.  The entertainment value is gone.

Setting up my work laptop to write some code.

Anyway, moving on.  Will post one of these depressing things tomorrow.