Last Friday, we were facing a shutdown of two weeks.  This morning, they’re talking about closing down the world until May 11th.

I’m not certain the world will still be there on May 11th.  The infrastructure of the modern 21st century world will still be there but the functioning – not so much.  Any economy, no matter how small, requires basic cash liquidity.  Even medieval economies still required money and goods to flow.

I’ve always been fascinating with the two hundred years immediately following the end of the Roman Empire.  Hordes of illiterate Anglo-Saxon farmers, in search of better farming land, wandering through Kent surrounded by the infrastructure of a more technically-advanced time but the people and operations, gone.  It feels like that.  Like the end of time.

Kind of like the Agent Smith Monolog from the Matrix.  The Matrix, designed to replicate the peak of human civilization in 1998.  After that, it all went to hell.

Norwegian Air went under yesterday.  The airlines are asking for a $50B bailout.  It won’t be the first bailout.  I’m not sure any will exist soon.

I’m starting to think about going back into security soon as this all lifts.  Meanwhile, I’m learning rust and some advanced unity.  Game engineering is kind of a useless skill but it’s my keep-sane project.

My feeds are full of Mad Max memes. I’m already going full on stir crazy.  I did, however, move to a giant monitor.

Some politics things for posterity:

  • Trump keeps calling it the “Chinese Virus.”  I don’t think he’s totally wrong here, but right this second it’s not helping or helpful.  Nor are comments about pardoning people, or hiding Russian agents, or any of the nonsense he’s up to.
  • 538’s podcast this morning talked about Trump’s chance of reelection and I’d say that is around a 0% right now.  There are zero — count them, zero — instances of a reelection after a major economy-impacting event.  Especially with the perception that he could have stopped it or slowed it.
  • Bernie wants to keep running but no one is sure why right now.
  • I’d pay actual money for a Generic Democrat in the White House who Listens to Experts right now.