This is a reminder, like I put in the first of these, that these posts are for me and my own sanity.  They may not be funny, and might be outright depressing.  For COVID-19 jokes, let me redirect you back to reddit.

And on with the show.

Spending Time on Zooms and Slack Calls

I haven’t spent this much time on video chats in years.  Because of picture-in-picture, I feel like I spend all day starrrrring at myself in the mirror.  Starrrrrrrring.  Starrrrringly.  About five minutes in, I am hyper-critical about my appearance.

10 minutes in, I need to fix my hair.  30 minutes in, and my lipstick is the wrong shade of color.  A darker red?  Maybe something more muted?  Is it making something stand out?  Maybe I should stick with orange-toned eyeshadow.  Did I do my eyeshadow right?  Is my foundation smooth?

My hair has fuzzies.  Dear Lord, my hair has fuzzies.  Is anyone noticing that my hair is not lying perfectly flat?  They’re all judging.  Everyone is judging.  OMG THEY ARE ALL JUDGING!

OMG I’m going to explode!  Boom.

In the last week, my makeup game has gone up.  And my makeup supplies have gone down.  But I look great, man.  I look great.

Boredom and Terror

I have shut-in syndrome bad.

I want to go out to lunch.  I cannot go out to lunch.  I’d like to go out somewhere.  I cannot go out somewhere. I can clean up my garden, and that gets me outside, but that’s about it.  I’m almost to the point of taking up running to have a reason to go outside.  Now is the time to do the couch-to-5K!

I have been working out like a maniac and I noticed that bits of me are getting thinner.  I still weigh the same but my body fat ratios are falling.

I read the news and/or twitter (I haven’t been on FB for 2 weeks+ now) it’s all terror. Terror terror terror!

Then I try to work and it’s boredom.  But because of anxiety, it’s hard to do anything.  So I’m bored and surrounded by toys and busy at work and still bored.  It’s not a great feeling.

The new Animal Crossing cannot come out fast enough.

Checked Out

With the boredom and terror is coming this weird feeling of being completely checked out.  That’s not particularly good for me, or anyone around me.  But there it is.  That pervasive feeling of ennui has turned into this overall blah.

World Events

  • My observation of Trump is that he’s melded the two worst parts of himself — the guy who mismanages things and blames it on others, and the game show host — together into one toxic stew.  He wanders into press conferences, does some little routine, leaves, and goes to blame it all on others on Twitter.  It’s not a great look.
  • The betting markets have moved the November election to “Likely Democrat” this morning.
  • There’s a drop out Bernie movement.  It doesn’t matter either way, honestly.
  • Iran has 1700 deaths from this thing and probably more and they’re likely lying.
  • Borders between counties have shut down.