This is a reminder, like I put in the first of these, that these posts are for me and my own sanity.  They may not be funny, and might be outright depressing.  For COVID-19 jokes, let me redirect you back to reddit.

And on with the show.

The Daily Standup

I’m what we call an Agile Zealot.  Some people are Christians, some people Jewish, some people Muslim.  I believe in the basic tenants of Agile.  All Hail the Agile Manifesto!  

The heart of Agile is the daily standup. The team all actually stands up (because standing is uncomfortable for engineers), and asks:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What are you doing today?
  • What is blocking you?

This ritual is designed to get the whole team on board and force them to listen to their teammates.   It helps to keep the project on track, and gives a little marker to the day that isn’t “head down and write code.” It also, most importantly, forces them to congeal as a team.

This blog has become a little bit of my own daily standup.  There’s something sanity-making about a rhythm and a cadence to a ritual.  I have the ritual down:

  • Get up at my actual used to need to commute time.
  • Exercise like mad
  • Shower
  • Put on actual work clothes and actual makeup
  • Write blog post
  • Deal with day

For me my daily update seems to be — and this is every day:

  • Work (did yesterday)
  • Work (did today)
  • Global Pandemic (blocking me)

My day now seems to start at around 7:45am instead of 9am, though.  I used to be able to blow people off who were DMing me before I parked in the parking garage.  Now I’m trapped and lashed to slack like some sort of torture device.  Here I am sucked into conversations and slack calls way before my day started.

Group Movie Watching

We used a combination to a movie rental and slack yesterday to group watch Jumanji.  The first one with the Rock, not the Robin Williams one.  It was surprisingly successful even if the groupwatch was only in text.  We’re going to watch the sequel tonight, and then start plowing through a massive backlog of movies.  Probably same time, same place, every night — 9pm.

It was oddly sanity-making.  Felt better watching Jumanji than I have in two weeks.  The downside is that I have GnR’s Welcome to the Jungle stuck in my head on loop.

Now there’s a doc and a list and a group.

I highly recommend everyone pile into a discord or a slack, get with some friends, and do concentrated social things even if it’s only in text.  Voice is better, but text is fine.

Global Pandemic

The US’s response to this whole thing is nothing less than a giant shameful joke.  Entire countries are now pumping out testing and we’re at a trickle because of profiteering, lack of supplies, and basic nonsense.

Like everyone else, I feel very frustrated by all this.  We could spend, what, $600 billion on a fence along the southern border to make some old xenophobes feel better but we cannot buy medical supplies?

I hope people hold Trump responsible for all of human history for this madness.

And that is my daily vent of rage on that.

Quick hits

  • These only seem to be about 500 words long!  I guess that’s long enough for a few thoughts.
  • We found that telemedicine isn’t going to work because the telemedicine companies haven’t scaled up/can’t scale up/don’t know how to scale up to meet demand so that’s not a solution to anything.
  • Iceland has enough tests to test their entire population.  And China says they’ve stopped the spread.  So that’s something.
  • Much to my surprise, global music streaming has crashed nearly 30%.  Not sure why?  But it has.
  • There are a bunch of GOP libertarians and anti-vaxxers who are all like “yes! let’s just saunter out in public!”  Jerks.

Back tomorrow.