Normal warning: These posts are not to entertain.  They’re to put a pin in my sanity.  If you want funny, please head off to reddit.

I got out of bed, didn’t exercise, and played several hours of Animal Crossing.  Animal Crossing is a brain balm.  It’s a place where everything is happy and good all the time.  I caught some fish.  I caught some butterflies.  I planted some flowers.  I made some stuff.

I keep reading the news and freaking out.  I have to stop reading the news but I have a news habit that is long and well-defined.  I read the most non-biased sources I can and they are still very… terrible.

Capitalism as a system isn’t designed to simply turn… off.  Never in the history of capitalism has capitalism stopped.  Even during the Great Depression it was sluggish.  But in large swaths of the global economy, governments have applied a killed switch.  It’s off.  No money or goods flowing.  It’s spooky.

I agree with those who say Trump should stop giving press conferences.  He’s actively making things worse.  He isn’t interested in a solution — Trump is interested in an illusion of a quick solution and getting credit for it.  He doesn’t care if people die on his watch.  He doesn’t care if millions die on his watch.  As long as he can slap the Trump Brand on the a solution and declare victory, he’s good.

History will not be kind to him.  Not that that helps us in the here and now.

20 years of terrible GOP policies are failing us.  Tax cut and spend and sequestration and all that were smoke and mirrors to funnel money from taxpayers to corporations.  Now when we need good policies, we find they’ve been dismantling them all to line their pockets.  History will not be kind to them, either.  Not that that helps us now either.  But trickle down economics has been exposed as the utter fraud it is.

Everyone is worried about the November election.  This is the only place I think our system will save us: it’s baked into the Constitution that everyone in elected office is out of a job in January, 2021.  No wiggle room.  No exceptions.  When you vote is protected by a set of laws that must go through Congress to move the date.  When everyone is out is baked.

I can see right leaning states trying to rig something in this crisis to keep people from voting, though, because otherwise they’re all going to go extinct.  Although I can see people doubling and tripling down on their racism and xenophobia and preserving some form of Trumpy GOP at the ballot box.  How much is a good question.

Anyway.  Going back to gardening for real and gardening in Animal Crossing. Only gardening can save us from going crazy while stuck in our homes.