Normal warning: These posts are not to entertain.  They’re to put a pin in my sanity.  If you want funny, please head off to reddit.

Jesus Chris.  Day 10.

Had we all listened and social distanced when this started, we’d be out of it by now.  14 days from beginning to end.  But no, we are a narcissist, self-centered country full of narcissist, self-centered people lead by a narcissist, self-centered leader.

Today, I am in full-bore rant about Trump mode.  Tomorrow, I promise, more working out and Animal Crossing.

Because he is starting to personally feel the heat of his own utterly incompetent policies, he wants to roll out more self-destructive, incompetent policies.  6 out of 7 of his main properties are failing.  They’ve closed down Mar-a-Lago.  Now he can’t golf.  Poor baby.

Instead of learn from his actions, he’s decided nope.  This is all over.  Everyone back to work.  Too bad.  Besides, only 3% of the population will die.  That’s as many people who die in car accidents every year!  We don’t close down the roads because of car accidents!

Except… the population of the United States is 327 million.  3% of 327 million is 9.81 million people.  First off, 6 million die in car accidents happen a year, and they are not all fatal.  Second, when we’re talking about 10 million people dying from COVID-19, they all die at once.

The hospitals are overwhelmed with the dying and the dead.

Those who need care other than COVID-19 — heart attack victims, strokes, cancer, etc. — cannot get into hospitals and they, too, die.

Those who have minor infections get major infections.  Those turn into pneumonia and they, too, die as well.

We’re not talking 3% of the population.  We’re talking 10s of millions.  Bodies piling up in ice rinks to keep them cold as they wait to get shoveled into furnaces.  Bodies stacked up on the side of the road.  All so Trump doesn’t have to close his goddamn golf courses.

The evil is breathtaking.  And for some crazy reason, 55% of Americans approve of his handling of the crisis.  I don’t get it.  He actually wants you, yes you, you reading this, to die for his resorts and yet you approve of him.   I can’t get past this.  I read that and seize up.

And he’s had a polling bump.  Good god.  Are we that horrible as a society?  Have we rotted that far?  Who likes this guy?

Now the bailout is on hold because he can’t use 500 billion as a personal slush fund and hand out favors.  That was clearly his plan: hand out money to his buddies and everyone else can go die in snow.  Sure they’re rolling out Yea Olde Nancy Pelosi Attack Handbook.  But I am thankful for the Ds who stopped that monstrosity before it got out the door.

My mind cannot wrap around or comprehend the awfulness.  It just can’t.

Eric says I need to stop reading the news.  But I’m just.. yeah.

Also, my museum in Animal Crossing opened and I built the store.  So that’s something.