Donald Trump wants You to Die for the Economy!

I stole this picture off the Internet.

Normal warning: These posts are not to entertain.  They’re to put a pin in my sanity.  If you want funny, please head off to reddit.

Here we are with Thomas Friedman rationalizing letting millions die for the economy in the NY Times.  In 48 hours, this is where we’ve landed as a society.

Media has cleaved in two:

  • Bleeding heart squishy liberals who fear a future where bodies rot in heaps, the health system collapses, and believe economies can always come back to life and….
  • Rock-Ribbed Hard-eyed American Conservative Realists who are ok with 1-3% (or more) of our society dying all at once so we can have drive-thru McDonald’s.

On twitter I follow maybe a dozen economists that spread across the entire spectrum and a majority of them — even the hard-core right-wing conservative ones — are waving their hands and saying “you cannot undie the dead.”  No one who has ever worked in policy is going “sure, let’s kill people for a Big Mac.”  It’s the White House, the armchair epidemiologists, the pretend economists, the pundits, and billionaires taking a bath on their portfolios.  No real doctors or real economists without columns in the NYTs Opinion Section are saying this.

So frustrating.  We’ve created a society with no moral center.

The new White House game is to hold medical supplies hostage until the states pay homage to Trump.  It’s disgusting.  People are dying, but unless they come and fete at the foot of Trump, he refuses to nationalize the logistics and distribution system for ventilators and masks.  He wants to play giver of life and giver of death.  And I still cannot believe people are OK with this – to the tune of 49% of the country!  You won’t be ok with this when some member of your family dies, let me tell you.

He doesn’t want to do anything and all he wants to do is deflect blame.

Eric is telling me to stop reading the news.  Probably a good plan.

It’s raining outside.  I ate something that didn’t agree with me for dinner last night.  I slept poorly.  I feel busy but ineffective.  I hooked up to Folding@Home.

I had an idea for 3D printing and logistics but my 3D printer doesn’t  use the right plastic, which is a bummer.  Had it printed the right plastic I might sort of duck out of work to build a prototype.  I found there was 3D printing capacity out there to print masks and it’s all being managed off a Discord and a google sheet.  We could probably build something better than that.

I caught a blue marlin in Animal Crossing off the pier.  Soon I will hook my switch to twitter and share my catch.