Normal warning: These posts are not to entertain.  They’re to put a pin in my sanity.  If you want funny, please head off to credit.

In a bunch of unpleasant ways, COVID-19 became very real yesterday.  It reached out its tentacles and brushed up against my leg.  It’s been an abstraction of data.  Now, the damn thing has names and faces.  It sucks.

I unfollowed some economists I followed for years this morning.  Nothing personal, but when they’re posting links to projections — from respectable people! — of total societal collapse and the end of the modern world at 6:30am (London School of Economics), I just can’t.   6:30am is too early in the day for that.  Also, I’m not convinced of total societal collapse, no matter how fascinated I am with the concept of the end of everything and the ruins left behind.

Leave it for science fiction, guys.

My big nerve-wracking worry today is the utter mess the rollout of the SBA CARES Loans program.  Late last night, recruiters were on several DC-area tech slacks pleading for network engineers to help them.  That didn’t… inspire confidence.  I don’t think they’re ready.  I’m afraid this whole program will implode and small companies (like ours) won’t get their loan to cover payroll for the next 8 weeks.

From a purely moral stance, because health insurance is tied to employment, it behooves the government to get that money into small company hands as fast as possible and cover those payroll costs.  The more people on payroll == the more people on health insurance == the fewer people might die.  Even without the health insurance tied to employment, keeping people on payroll means fewer on unemployment, more people who can pay their mortgages and rent, less fallout across the economy, faster recovery.

So I’m worried about the rollout of this.  It is mission-critical.  It has to succeed.  But I have zero confidence the SBA can pull this off, even with offloading much of it to the banks themselves.  Last year, they processed, I think, 22B in loans over the entire year.  They’re asked to process 350B in a week.

Wring hands.  Wring hands.

On a completely side topic, I am still learning Rust!  I’m working through this Udemy class.  It went from talking about building methods on structs and me nodding along and going ok this seems straight forward to whipping out folds.  My brain imploded.  I’m like, dude.  Dude.  DUDE.  You need to warn someone and prep them emotionally before we jump from normal function signatures to then building them into a recursive fold.  There are laws.  There are rules.  There are forms of niceties!  One does not just…

And last but not least… Animal Crossing.  I do not like the Bunny Day event in Animal Crossing.  The eggs are annoying. The recipes are all ugly.  I’d never use them in anything.  Bleh.