Happy Mother’s Day!  Another fine holiday in 2020 in lockdown!  Eric is making a giant brunch behind me while talking with his Mom.  Serious multitasking.

Yesterday, I did precisely four things:

  1. Cleaning.  I cleaned.  I got tired of living in a sty and looking at bits of the outside tracked all over the floors.  Now the floors are good and cleaned.  I went a little crazy with vacuuming all the things.
  2. Baking.  I made about 50 of the America’s Test Kitchen Snickerdoodles.  Either I’m getting better at baking, the recipe was easy, or both.  They came out perfect.  They’re dangerously delicious.  And we have far fewer than 50 left from yesterday.  At the rate they’re going, I’m going to need to make another batch… this is how we get fat in lockdown.
  3. Reading.  It was the first day since this started that I was able to sit down and actually read.  I finished the last 100+ pages of Ken Liu’s Wall of Storms.  It was good. It wasn’t great like the first one (Grace of Kings) was great.  Grace of Kings was amazeballs.  Wall of Storms felt more like a Game of Thrones novel with lots of moving pieces but no real resolutions except the characters that died.  Be like Kuni Garu — always do the most interesting things.
  4. Dog.  I pet a small orange dog because he lives here.

Then I started Gideon the Ninth, because the Internet told me to, and that book is bonkers.

So far today I’ve done a big bag of nothing.  I laid out my campsite in Animal Crossing.  I pet a small orange dog again.  I managed to take a shower and put on pants.  I’m either going to read or work on some code this afternoon.  (I’m working through this crazy rust game engine tutorial.  I need to give the author some $$$ — he’s gotten me far along in understanding both Rust and ECS by following this.  And I’ve gotten to the part of the tutorial where it’s “just do X, and I’ll only give you the diffs.”)

I should probably stop fooling around with this Rust engine tho and either spend my energy working through tensorflow2 tutorials or the Unity DOTS tutorials.  Something “useful.”  I’ve gotten the hang of the ECS pattern and DOTS is the ECS packaging for Unity.  But I dunno.  I really enjoy game engine guts.

I listened to a terrific podcast on the Weeds which is full of frustration but does a better job discussing everything I feel about what has been going on and is far more articulate than me.  You can play it right here.  It’s about 50 minutes long.

Essentially, the plan is to have no plan. Simply have no Federal Government, walk away from all responsibility, have a giant vacuum at the top.  The White House has chosen the worst possible path. Their job is to convince you that it’s perfectly fine for 2000-3000 people to die per day, and they never need to do anything about it, ever.  30% unemployment is ok.  Death is ok.  Just go out and shop!


  • 1,340,019 confirmed cases.
  • 80,191 dead.  I cannot deal with how fast people are dying.
  • 238,144 recovered.
  • 32,587 cases in MD, 1,632 dead
  • 1 out of every 268 people have it in Howard County. That’s a morning Wegman’s run, folks.