The Trump plan is to have no plan.  In fact, while the coronavirus crawls all over the White House, Trump is hailing his great success.  1 death is a tragedy.  80,000 deaths is a huge success.

People have kind of noticed, but not noticed enough.  The GOP is enjoying a blowback that will not, and probably will never, go away.  But is it enough blowback?  Unclear.

If they think that people will not notice all the other people, well, dying horribly around them by yelling “squirrel,” they’re wrong.  And they are currently yelling squirrel.  Something something something something someone was mean to Michael Flynn.  I don’t know.  I have no idea.  I don’t bathe in crazy far right conspiracy theories.

Speaking of which, it looks like Trump’s entire plan for reelection is conspiracy theories, gaslighting, lies, and “flooding the zone with shit.”  We will see how many people buy it.  Probably far more than should.

I’m having a massive motivation problem today.

I had problems getting out of bed.  I had problems exercising.  I had problems wanting to walk around the block and catch Pokemon, despite catching two new Pokemon and an exclusive Pikachu.  I had problems wanting to check in on my turnip prices.  I had problems thinking about where to put my house in Animal Crossing. I had problems logging onto work.  Hell, I’m having problems blogging, and I’m doing it right now.  

I wanted to either work on my Mom’s website last night or work on Monster AI pathing algorithms, but I ended up just watching the TV, and then reading some Gideon the Ninth, and going to bed.  I wasn’t even interested in booze.  I was weirdly not interested in anything.

Pandemic burnout is real.  I had this weird hallucination that I would take a few days off from work, work on a side project or two, recharge, and that simply didn’t happen.  I felt better after Sunday when I legit took a day off of everything, but I need a string of them.  I need four days, not one. But, I’ve come to this conclusion that it’s nearly impossible to take a few days off from work.  I cannot just “go away.”  It follows me through the house. My brain thinks I am trapped.  So it’s starting to check out, hard, with or without me.

I’m not sure what I can do to get my mojo back except maybe spend some time baking, or just doing something else entirely.

I’m poking at the Internet seeing if anyone has any ideas for Pandemic Burnout, because I’m not enjoying this much.


If you have any ideas, let me know.  Working out kept me going for quite a while but it’s starting to trickle off.


  • 1,367,634 confirmed cases.  I know from following Nate Silver on Twitter that testing in the United States has doubled, meaning the % of found cases is dropping, but it’s still not enough for people to be safe.
  • 81,642 confirmed dead.  This will go up as the weekend numbers come in today.
  • 262,225 recovered.
  • 33,377 cases in MD,  1,670 dead

I still just don’t see the number of cases in MD flattening out.  I know that DC had a huge spike in the last week from all the lawmakers and their staffs returning to DC and bringing it back with them.  I wonder if that means people are taking it from DC and back to their homes in MD, making our caseload worse.  Or people are flying into Baltimore.  Either way, it’s not flattening out no matter what we do.

Meanwhile, there’s papers getting published showing that statistically everyone wearing a mask contributes to getting this thing under control.  Wear a mask, folks.