The Trump Administrator’s new game is to push the CDC to stop reporting deaths.  The thinking is this: if people simply don’t know that people are dying from COVID-19, people will return to their previous economic activity, turning into a V-shaped recovery, and thus Trump gets re-elected.

I cannot imagine anything more irresponsible or more cynical.  They’ve decided people dying is a political opinion.

If people believe the risk is lower, because the number of people dying is reported as lower, then people will recalibrate their own little risk models in their heads and we can force poor people back into their jobs to go do things like hack up hogs or cut hair.  It doesn’t mean people aren’t dying.  It just means people won’t know how many people are dying.

Risk models will be wrong.  People will think it’s safe.  COVID-19 will bloom all over the country.  People will die.  People will die in droves.

It’s horrible.

Meanwhile, the full 63-page CDC report was leaked to the AP.  It’s far more restrictive than the Trump Administration happy plan.  It’s also probably the right thing to do.

And Hogan is going to announce “partial reopening” of the state.  I’m not certain what that actually means.  Does that mean we’re going to open the western part of the state and the eastern shore?  Does that mean Columbia Mall reopens?  I just don’t know.

I wish the GOP hadn’t turned into the party of gaslighting, lies, and throwing shit into the zone.  They’re also leaking fake polls now.  It’s all about just lying.

I’ve moved to a glorious world of workouts + black tea + advil.  The advil is a new addition because I have a) acquired a headache that never ever quite goes away and b) acquired a stitch in my left shoulder from sitting slightly cattywonkus at my desk.  The heating pad helps a bit. The burnout is pretty deep and there’s no real way I can escape it.  So I dunno.  We will try the addition of advil for a while and see if it relieves it but what will really relieve it is a few days of a big break.

The thing — and this is crazy — the thing that absolutely relieves my headaches and my burnout is making things.  I thought it was learning new things but that’s not it at all.  It’s making things.  Hands on, hard core, making things.  I’m struggling to get up the curve with tensorflow2 right now because I have to chug through theory (again, yet again, here we are with gradient descent once again) to get to the making things part of it.  But making things is a thing.

I need to take off a whole slew of days and just make things.  I’m incapable of writing long form jokes and I can’t do low level electronics and I can’t seem to work through math but I can make stuff.  I need to spend a day just doing something like procedural terrain generation in Unity or something like that.

Anywho, I am just babbling today.  Let’s see what we think are the stats today.


  • 1,391,092 confirmed cases.
  • 83,172 confirmed dead (until the Trump Administration forces this number down somehow.)
  • 298,641 recovered
  • 34,061 cases in MD,  1,698 dead
  • 1 in 262 people in Howard County have it.

I dunno.  I don’t really see anything getting significantly better here.  And yet.