Donald Trump wants You to Die for the Economy!

I stole this off the Internet.

My plan was to write these blog posts until the emergency was over, and then go back to writing jokes.  But it looks like we have chosen, as a people, for the emergency never to end and instead simply live with the virus killing thousands of people a day.  And be ok with that.

They’ve decided this is a poor and minority problem.  It’s not white people dying in Tyson’s meatpacking plants — it’s immigrants.  It’s not white people dying in Alabama — it’s black people.  It’s people who cannot afford care or health insurance — they’re the ones who are dying.  Who cares if some “takers” or “moochers” who are parasites on our system die?  Fewer voters for Joe Biden in the Fall because they’ll be dead.

We’re going to undercount, we’re going to throw shade on scientists, we’re going to bury guidance, we’re going to pretend we don’t have enough testing, we’re going to ignore contact tracing.  And why should we do anything about it — it’s a bioweapon dropped on us by the Chinese!  Why should Trump do anything because it’s not his fault!

This leads us to Hogan deciding to “open up Maryland” except to “leave it to each county if they should open up or not.”  This is ridiculous and insane.

And we’re going to pivot hard to conspiracy theory mongering and pretending the conspiracy theories are real.

I need to stop reading the damn news.

A couple of fun links:

  • Alexandra Petri, OUR NATIONAL TREASURE, explains Obamagate.  I wish we had heytaco on twitter because I would give her allll the tacos.  Maybe I should build that…
  • The Bulwark on the bizarre intersection of wanting to reopen and refusing to wear a mask.
  • The Atlantic has this long and utterly bonkers deep expose on QAnon.

After flailing at videos and a hodgepodge of tutorials, I gave in and bought Programming Machine Learning.  This will be like my 17th time going through the MNIST tutorial, but the back of the book is all convolutional neural networks.  And I’ve gone through the 3Brown1Blue videos on Neural Nets.  I totally understand gradient descent.  I’m just fighting my way through bad tutorials with half-missing information.  So the book it is.

I spent a ton of time on my Mom’s WordPress website last night.  I spent so much time fighting with OceanWP and Elementor with the header/logo layout that I nearly lost my mind.  But I think I got it now and can make a pretty slick logo and a pretty slick header.  And I put together a palette and chose some nice webfonts.  And got a menu going.

I want to chillax a bit and just play some kind of all consuming video game, like Stellaris.  I love love love Stellaris.  Or maybe I will lay out furniture in Animal Crossing.

I’m working my way through Gideon the Ninth at a good clip.

Due to me being so burned out I nonchalantly threw out all my coffee pods this morning, I took Monday off.



  • 1,421,039 confirmed cases.  Hey, that’s becoming statistically significant, folks.
  • 85,769 confirmed dead.
  • 311,322 confirmed recovered.
  • 35,903 cases in MD and 1,832 confirmed dead.
  • 1 out of every 262 in Howard County has it.

That slope looks flat, not falling, but heyyyyyyyy we all need our hair dyed so let’s reopen!