Not much going on right now so this will be a short post.

After doing a Ring-Fit workout this morning in which I committed to stop avoiding squats after I read on reddit the most effective workouts were the large muscle ones, I put together a small custom “running track.”  And after I did that, I decided what I really wanted to do was die. But I did not die.  I took a shower instead.

Two hours later, as happens every time I try running, I was hungry enough to eat the dog.  I did not eat the dog.  He is all gristle and derp anyway.  I did, however, eat a carry out Five Guys burger which succeeded in making me ill but it was delicious beyond words while I ate it because of said running track. And from a distinct lack of greasy burgers in my life right now.

I’ve taken to walking around the block once a day with or without dog simply because I need to get outside for a little bit.  The Ninatic games help (both Harry Potter and Pokemon Go.) Pokemon Go is by far the superior game — I can’t even tell you the point of the Harry Potter one — but I keep depleting my ball supplies.  This has started a gift-and-friend frenzy where I’m constantly feeding/walking with my pokemon so it will range and get gifts and I give all the gifts away so other people will give me gifts so I can get pokeballs so I can go out on my once a day walk around the block.

I’ve beaten exactly one raid with my remote raid pass.

Also, do you know, if you jog on RingFit and you have Pokemon Go hooked to the speedometer on your watch you can jog on RingFit and bust open eggs at the same time?  And if you are in gift frenzy you can get a good economy of 7km eggs going from gifts so you have this constant supply of new Pokemon from eggs? This is a COVID-19 quarantine hot tip.

I finally moved my house on top of the cliffs in Animal Crossing.  Progress in something!

I ate through 30% of Programming Machine Learning yesterday.  I cannot recommend this book enough.  It’s the first book that really walks through building a neural net from nothing up to an actual neural net using numpy — and only numpy until the end — and spends the time actually walking through the whys of various statistical functions with the math and the why squishing with sigmoid (although everyone uses reLU) and the whys behind classification.  It’s worth way more than $25.

I’m working my way through Gideon the Ninth which is, frankly, the bestThat’s my other hot tip of the day.  Go buy Gideon the Ninth.  There will be a test.

We started watching the Great last night.  It’s on Hulu.  It’s kind of terrific in all ways.  I am pretending it’s not faux-Russia, but that it’s a Game of Thrones-adjacent world where we’re always dicking around in King’s Landing and it’s always Littlefinger and Varys time but they’re less evil and more, well, Russian.

News happened today but I need to take a few sanity days here.


  • 1,495,938 confirmed cases.
  • 90,084 dead.  90K!  That fills a college football stadium with the dead.
  • 340,609 recovered.
  • 38,815 cases in MD with  1,983 dead
  • 1 out of 235 have it in Howard County

Everyone tells me it’s time to play Strahd so time to wrap.