We have wandered the weft and wane of Maryland delivering masks.  They have been delivered.  And in exchange, I received 1lb of yeast and 12 cans of a dubious flavor of La Croix.  The yeast is made of pure gold in these yeast-free pandemic times and I have secured it thusly in the freezer where it will last and contribute to many bakes.  The La Croix, well.  I’ll probably drink it.

I finished the Beast yesterday.   You can see a picture of it here on my Instagram feed.

The Beast is Rheinlust by Melanie Berg. Because I followed the pattern instead of my instincts like an idiot, I used a needle gauge that was at least two sizes too big, and it ended up an unwieldy six feet long.  It is not supposed to be that big.  Also, every picture of it online looks worlds better than what I produced, so I’m not 100% certain what I did wrong.  I think I just have endless tension issues.  It is downstairs on the blocking board right now.  After I write this, I’ll go check to see if it is dry and, if so, take it off and fold it up.

I am a mediocre knitter on the best days and I am retreating back to where all mediocre knitters go — socks — like a vampire hissing at a crucifix.  Honestly, even if you utterly mess up a gusset and it has a big flappy maw of a hole, you can fix it afterward.  Socks look hard with the short rows but they aren’t, really.  They’re just done on itty bitty needles and that’s a pain and there’s some fiddly bits.

I had not intended to finish the Rheinlust shawl.  I had intended on it being a nice thing to do while on zooms because it was all garter stitch.  But halfway through our session of Curse of Strahd, it finished.  That was good, because we were getting our asses handed to us.  I, personally, could not roll above an 8 across multiple combats.  The only combat so far where we’ve been even vaguely competent was against the vampire several CR above us that constantly regenerated.  We pumped out about 200 points of damage into the damn thing.  A pack of wolves nearly killed us.

I’m still taking a news break.  I don’t think anything is actually changing right now.  We’re stagnated unsure how to open things back up and get things going again.  No one is leading. The anti-mask arguments align nicely with the tinfoil hat of anti-vaxxers, both of which should be dismissed as moronic at best.  Donald Trump is still the worst.  The Federal Government is still failing us all.  Stupid inexplicable things keep happening.

I have a theory that my deep burnout is linked directly to staring too long at screens.  In the BeforeTimes most of my meetings were in person.  Now they are on zoom one after another after another and that is leaving me drained.  I spent hours in the car zooming around Maryland reading Gideon the Ninth off my Kindle and my brain felt much better.

Even thought I pine for a faster one, I’m moving my reading over to the Kindle for my own sanity.  But my paperwhite works fine and does what I need it to do.

I am cursed with being unable to throw a curveball in Pokemon Go correctly.


  • 1,514,243 confirmed cases.  (Looks like out of ~11M tests)
  • 90,922 confirmed deaths.  I see different numbers on different sites but I’m going to go with the 91K dead.
  • 351,741 recovered.
  • 39,762 cases in MD,  2,025 dead
  • 1 in 228 people in Howard County have it.

The COVID Tracking Project is now tracking the number of tests.  Also, the gap between the deaths on the COVID Tracking Project and Infection 2020 is that Infection 2020 uses the new guidelines that include probable deaths, not just 100% confirmed.  Since we’re likely severely undercounting deaths, I’ll go with the higher number.