This happened yesterday:

Trump says he’s talking hydroxychloroquine “right now.” He says he started “a couple weeks ago.” He explains, “Because I think it’s good. I’ve heard a lot of good stories.”

Trump: “So far, I seem to be okay.” Asked why he started taking this drug, he said he’s gotten “so many letters,” “a lot of positive letters,” “and it seems to have an impact – maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.”

  • Daniel Dale (@ddale8), Reporter for CNN

I’m going to admit, because I am selfish, I went whee!  A topic to blog about!  Whee!

Let’s spend a moment on Trump’s completely quantum announcement.   He is either:

  • Taking the drug.
  • Not taking the drug.

If Trump is taking the drug, he has now informed our allies and enemies that the President of the United States, a man in control of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, is taking a drug whose side effects include paranoid delusions and hallucinations as a prophylactic.  The levels of insanity go down a spiral staircase of dark madness.

If Trump is not taking the drug, he has now given permission structure to all those people who want to “break the rules” and “defy the experts” and “do what they want because they know best.”  That rule-breaking and expert-defying includes taking a drug whose side effects include paranoid delusions and hallucinations as a prophylactic.

I am in the not taking the drug camp, even though the White House released a whole memo.  (A memo from the White House is not any source of truth.)  First off, no one is giving a 74 year old man with heart issues a drug that causes heart attacks. Second off, it furthers his interests in a couple of ways to blatantly lie like that beeecaaause:

  • We are not talking about the 91,000 people dead.
  • We are continuing not to talk about the 91,000 people dead.
  • By the way, if you noticed, we are talking about this, and not about the 91,000 people dead.

It serves his purposes to squirrel as much as humanly possible.  And the Media goes along with the circus. Reporting this is important, sure, but it’s also pretty obvious that no doctor in his right mind would give that drug to Trump.  Broadcasting that he is… furthers his aims as a chaos monkey.

But I will totally accept that he thinks he is taking it but he is not really taking it because the doctors are smarter than that and they’re giving him aspirin and telling him it’s hydroxychlorizine. How would he know?  Does he know what hydroxychlorizine tablets look like?

The incident is a microcosm of the whole thing.  Trump does not want to be President, he wants to be the host of a conservative opinion show.  He believes wearing a mask is “unmanly” because a crank on the Internet told him so.  He likes symbolism but not action.  He doesn’t believe in authority because that means he would have to work.  He’s a lazy narcissist.

Trump is putting on the Trump Show now with Snake Oil to Solve what Ills Ya.

And the worst thing is?  Unless you’re a Trump Cultist, no one can believe the President of the United States.  On anything.


  • 1,514,243 confirmed cases.
  • 90,922 confirmed dead.  (Look, everyone is catching up to this number!)
  • 356,383 recovered
  • 39,762 confirmed in MD with  2,025 dead

We seem all to be on that 91K consensus number now.