We discovered the Great British Flower Fight on Netflix last night.  It has Nadja (Natasha Demetriou) from What We Do In The Shadows as the host, so in my head the show sounds more gothy than it is.  I agree with the reviews — it’s pretty flat for a competition show and flower arranging is a bit dull — but it’s a competition show, and right now, I’ll watch a competition show just to watch a competition show.

At the same time, I was introduced to Jelle’s Marble Runs.  Are you lacking live sports during the pandemic?  Do you yearn for the uncertainty of a contest, the drama, the adrenaline, the yelling?  Is there a hole in your soul where the NCAA Finals should have been?

I don’t know what is killing me more — the marbles in the tiny stands, or the color commentary.

This is terrible: Trump allies lining up doctors to prescribe rapid reopening.

People are getting the virus and dying. Here is a story about churches acting a centers of viral spread.  None of these churches are in “big city centers.”  The virus has moved to the rural — and white — parts of the country.

Now the politicians have two problems: the virus has moved to GOP voters and the economy is only bumping along.

So here’s this horrible plan:

  • People trust doctors over politicians right now for getting guidance.
  • Doctors are saying without a comprehensive national testing scheme and contact tracing, people will continue to catch the virus and die.
  • The politicians have decided to not bother with a comprehensive national testing scheme and contact tracing.
  • But politicians have decided to “open up” the economy to get things moving because things right now look bad and they’ll lose elections if things look bad.
  • People are going to churches and dropping dead, so politicians have to convince them that no, no, it’s perfectly safe.
  • Meanwhile, politicians figured out that while land apparently votes these days, land must certainly does not shop.
  • So they need to fool all the people into believing that it is safe to go out even when it is not.
  • Thus they will line up doctors who will tell people to go out even when they get sick and die.

It’s two-prong: convince the white rural voters that the virus is still totally a brown people problem (it is not) and convinced people in those blue states with their tasty pocket books to get out and buy things again.

And the only way to do that is to subvert the few experts people still believe in — the doctors.

This is dark and cynical and baked into a deep belief that every problem can be solved with marketing, spend on the internet, and moving public opinion.  Except the virus does not care about your marketing spend or your martech stack.  Your ad tech does not replace epidemiology.

I think we are locked and loaded for at minimum 250,000 Americans dead from COVID-19.  I don’t see how it’s avoidable anymore.  Maybe we’ll get to the full million.  One death is a tragedy.  A million deaths is executing a cunning strategy.

They have made a very dark and ugly choice for lives over the economy to goose Trump’s electoral chances.  It’s unlikely the right choice.  But hey, the Death Star of Martech!

Meanwhile, Midland, MI is underneath 9 feet of water.  It’s national news because if Midland is anything, it’s super white and loaded with GOP voters.  Also, Dow Chemical.


  • 1,543,858 confirmed cases.  This number is really shooting up.  The COVID Tracking Project shows 12,233,987 completed tests, and ~400K tests/day.  This is still short of the 500K/day we need to be doing.  At least we’re finding it.  Now we need to hire an army of contact tracers.  Good thing so many people are out of work…
  • 92,637 confirmed dead.  We’re still between 1.5K-2K/day.
  • 363,063 confirmed recovered.
  • 41,547 confirmed cases in MD, 2,055 dead.
  • 1 out of 221 people in Howard County has it.

The COVID Tracking project is showing a drop in total cases across the US but keep in mind, this is lead by the big urban centers who got it under control.