Day 69!  Hur hur hur.

Right now — or at least, a few hours ago — Trump was busy on his favorite medium, Twitter, spazzing out about results from Fox polls showing Biden with a pretty hefty national lead.  (Fox has a highly rated and highly non-partisan polling operation.)  Everyone should prepare for that little eruption to become a daily occurrence because it looks like, surprise surprise, the laws of politics apply to everyone, even marketers who find themselves accidentally POTUS, and Trump will be judged by the voters in November for his handling of the coronavirus.

Of which only 39% view favorably.

What I want to know is, who the hell is in that 39% who believes Trump is doing a good job?  People in Alaska?  The hills of Montana?  Up north in Idaho living with moose?  As the virus creeps into the old white people areas of the country, Trump’s form of “humor” will eat away at the charm.  And his approval numbers.

Nevermind.  Looks like he’s not on twitter right now because he’s giving bizarre, disjointed live remarks instead.  He’s shaking his fist and demanding all the Churches reopen because he’s following these bizarre right-wing people who are all pro-death cult.  Maybe he is taking hydroxychloroquine and hallucinating. But if he was, how could we tell?

I’m starting to enjoy some of the things I put down when the pandemic started.  I could focus on playing a game on Steam last night, and that was the first time really in months.  I can read for more than 15 minutes at a stretch.  I haven’t picked Russian or electronics back up, but I can now get through papers and things.  I’ve started knitting again.  These are all good things.

This weekend, I’m planning on making peanut butter sablès.  They combine a shortbread dough with a brownie dough for pure goodness.  It also has a few new knife skills and chopping of things.  The difficulty is going up!  Exciting!

Memorial Day is Dragon Heist.  There shall be knitting.  I’m working on a sock.  I’m pretty sure I can 2k 2p in the round for like 60 rows and game since that doesn’t need any brain.  Do those two stitches a lot.  Maybe not the heel turn, but the leg?  I think I can do that.  I am afraid the sock is too big and will sag even though I did a whole swatch and everything but we will see.

Weather is crappy.  Dog is snoozing here on the couch.  Going to sign off from blog writing early today.


  • 13,056,206 test results.
  • 1,591,806 confirmed cases.
  • 95,517 confirmed dead.
  • 382,244 recovered.
  • 42,434 cases in MD,  2,160 dead.

Oh yeah.  States are mixing in the stats of antibody tests with diagnostic tests to inflate their test numbers. Bad states, BAD!  Don’t do that!  DO NOT MIX THE DATA STREAMS!