Week 10.  WEEK 10!  WEEK 10!!!!

Are we having fun yet?

A small orange dog is here.  I did not properly cuddle with him during the proper cuddle times this morning as stipulated by the habits of small orange dog, so he is here now.

Nope, sorry.  He’s gone now.

Today, Kate baked her first cake by herself. I coached her along but she did everything by herself.  It’s a lemon bundt cake.  Granted, it was out of a box instead of from scratch, but I modified the instructions on the fly to mix the wets first, and then add to the dry as the dry mixed in the Kitchenaid.  It came out well and it’s a nice color.  Next one, I will get her to make from scratch since it’s not that much more complex then out of the box.  The lemon zest part is the only tricky part.

I made peanut butter sablès from “Dorie’s Cookies.”  Lots of chopping up of things and prep before baking.  Then baking is a whole thing. First, one must make the shortbread dough.  Then, one must make the brownie fudge dough.  Then, one must combine the two.  And then one can put them on the sheet.  Finally, one squeezes them down with a glass wrapped in cling wrap so they’re flat and round because they don’t spread.

They’re a pain and they’re rich.  OMG they are rich.  I could eat… one.  However, they are Teenager Approved, as she emerged from her cave, scavenged several, ate them, and disappeared again.

The AP/NORC did a poll around economic attitudes and no one is going to attend a concert, see a movie, go to a game, eat in a restaurant, or hang out in a bar until the virus is firmly under control.  There’s no “all shut down for the virus” or “reopen the economy.”  There’s only “get the virus under control AND THEN the economy WILL reopen.”  They aren’t two separate issues.  They’re the same issue.  You can declare the economy open all you want but that doesn’t mean anyone will show up.

People will not venture out and spend money if they think they will die for the right to do so.  They simply won’t.  Not even the Churches who are the ones pushing hard to “reopen the economy.”

(Churches are like everything else – if they don’t have “customers,” they go under.  All those huge megachurches are in real danger of closing their doors forever.  So they’ve made ‘reopening’ into some kind of civil liberties issue around religious freedom.  It’s not.  It’s a bunch of grifters who aren’t able to skim off their congregations right now.  Nothing in the Bible states that Jesus only shows up in a megachurch with a full Christian Rock Band and a giant choir.)

The best way to slow the transmission, bend the curves, and allow people out of their homes is if everyone wears a mask.

Remember: there are two kinds of people.  Those who wear a mask, and assholes.  If you refuse to wear a mask in public, you’re an asshole.


  • 13,398,624 tests.
  • 1,624,291 confirmed cases.
  • 97,227 confirmed dead.
  • 444,381 recovered.
  • 44,535 confirmed cases in MD with 2,253 dead

We’re going to pass 100K this weekend.  Unless, of course, the Federal Government decides to falsify all the numbers to make Trump look better.